10 Post-Move Strategies to Help You Settle In

Moving to a new place can be both fun and exciting! However, it’s also a change, and any change can be a bit stressful and take a while to get used to, no matter how excited you were about the change to start. Having a good plan can make the transition an easier one and help you get settled in much faster. You’ll feel like you’re in a new home much faster, not just in a new house.

Here are 10 things you can do after you move in to help you get settled in faster:

Moving Boxes

1. Create a To-Do List

You likely had a large to-do list that you referenced frequently before your move. It reminded you to do things like get a quote from movers, to terminate your lease, or to pick up moving boxes. You’ll need a similar list to refer to after your move.

Your post-move list might include things like calling the Internet company to get the service connected, going grocery shopping, or taking the moving boxes to the recycling. Create a thorough list so that you can refer to it often and stay on track. Everything will be a bit chaotic after your move, so the list can help you stay focused so that you feel settled in and relaxed more quickly.

2. Unpack Quickly

Some people leave boxes sitting around for months after the move. Some even have boxes that are still unpacked a year or more after their move. But if you still have packed boxes sitting around, your new house is never going to feel like your home. It’s always going to feel like you are not quite settled in yet.

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to unpack with lightning speed, but do get everything unpacked as quickly as you can. Start with the essentials, and then unpack steadily day-by-day. Even if you unpack a box or two a day, you’ll be completely settled into your new home sooner than you think.

3. Inspect Your New Space

Even if you toured your new home several times before you bought or leased it, there are going to be many things you don’t know about it yet. You should spend some time really getting to know your new space, looking for signs of any damage you didn’t notice before or any items that need to attention. The sooner you can get these items corrected, the sooner you can feel more relaxed in your new home.

You should also inspect your new space for security issues. You should then fix any window locks or other vulnerabilities that you find. You should also consider installing a security system so you feel more safe and settled in your new space.

4. Change Your Address

You’ll need to notify everyone about your new address, including friends, family, and companies you do business with. While you set about doing that, you should also change your address with the post office. Even if your mail isn’t sent directly to your new address, it will still find its way to you by being forwarded by the postal service. You can continue changing your address with individuals and companies over the next few weeks.

5. Register Your Children at School

If you have children, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get them into their new schools. If you have moved in the middle of the year, you shouldn’t waste any time doing this. If you move during the summer or another break, you’ll have a little more time to finish this task, but you shouldn’t wait too long. Make sure you bring all the documentation you need so there are no delays.

6. Help Your Pets Feel Comfortable

Pets will feel very nervous about your move. As a result, they may act out by peeing in the house, chewing on things, scratching things up, or otherwise behaving badly. You can help them feel more settled – and ensure your own peace of mind – by helping them get comfortable in their new space. Establish a safe space for them immediately, including their old bed, toys, or other objects they know well. Keep their routine the same as it was, and spend extra time cuddling, playing, or talking to help them feel at ease.

7. Register Your Vehicle

You’ll need to register your vehicle at your new address to ensure that you have the right paperwork if you are pulled over, as well as to ensure that your tax records are correct. You don’t want to pay taxes in your old county if you don’t have to, and you don’t want to get penalized for not paying for taxes in your new locale if you waited to register your vehicle.

8. Find New Providers

You’ll need everything from a new doctor and dentist to a new hair stylist and pet groomer in your new home. Ideally, you would research this a bit before your move. You should start interviewing people and making decisions as soon as you can after your move. Once you have your go-to provider for each of your needs, you’ll feel much more like you are in a new home.

9. Get to Know the Neighbors

One your personal matters are settled, you need to focus on building community, and that means making friends. You can start by introducing yourself to the neighbors and getting to know them. You might even think about hosting a cookout at your home and inviting everyone over. Get to know others in the community by attending events and classes.

10. Explore!

There is a lot to learn about your new city, so get out there and explore! Pretty soon, you’ll have a little café that you love to frequent, and you’ll know just the right park to go to for some quiet reflection. By having “your place” for the activities you like, your new city will feel much more like your new home.

Moving isn’t always easy, but taking steps like these can help you to feel settled into your new home quickly. Hiring the right movers can also make the transition smoother. The right movers will get you into your new home quickly and with a minimum of fuss. The movers can even unpack you, if you like.

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