3 Red Flags of a Long Distance Mover Scam

Whether you are relocating or have before, you’ve likely came across moving companies offering the best of the best deal with it comes to a long distance move. Professional moving companies, while amazing for the service they provide, sometimes get a bad rap for those out there that are not so professional in their day to day services. We want you to move with care and safety, and help you avoid a long distance mover scam. Not to deter you from using your beloved Arizona moving company, A to Z Valley Wide Movers, we intend to make sure that you have all the info to avoid a bad situation when moving can already be a hassle.

3 red flags of a long distance moving scame

From your items being held hostage to never seeing them again, moving scams are real. Moving scams can be as ‘usual’ as stolen items to as intricate as hidden fees. Fraudulent movers create stress and heartache when they strike, but these red flags should help you keep a good perspective while choosing which company to go with. While in the midst of packing your belongings, transferring services, signing hefty leases or loan agreements all while trying to maintain a somewhat normal life you shouldn’t have to worry about your local moving company in Tempe.

You want to first ask yourself if the Tempe moving company’s offer seem too good to be true. If you find a long distance mover offering a similar package, service and/or moving experience for a fraction of the cost of known reputable moving companies, beware. Although we all want our costs lowered on just about anything we buy, some things are better left to market value.

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Among the red flags that can help you sort out the good from the bad are a few simple things that you should ask yourself when researching long distance movers:

1. Is the moving company asking for a large deposit up front? Moving companies that ask for a large sum as a deposit or are asking for cash prior to the move should make your weary list. A company that asks for a large lump sum up front is more than likely fraudulent. Small deposits are common in order to hold your place on their calendar, however most legitimate long distance movers recognize your possessions they are moving as collateral already. Avoid handing over cash for this deposit. We recommend being able to keep a trail, so using a credit card with built-in theft protection and bank statements to allow for the solution to any potential theft. Of course, when you decide your long distance mover is legitimate it is normal and safe to tip your out of state movers in cash.

moving company has physical address within range of your home2. Does the moving company in question have a physical address within Arizona or your home state or do they only exist online? Many scams happen via the internet as thieves represent local moving companies but cannot prove an actual address. In some cases, these brokers or agents that act as moving companies online not only take the commission for doing so, but pocket your money as well. If you can’t find information online or the person you speak to is hesitant to share their address details, we suggest it’s time for more research. Legitimate long distance movers will have a physical address where they keep their trucks and conduct their business. The best solution is to check out references and ask questions – the more you find out from real people in your community, the more you can rest assured that you are not going to be dealing with the consequences of choosing a false moving company.

3. Have you received a binding quote and walk-through estimate? A reputable moving company out of state will be able to give you a binding quote, meaning that after the move is over there will not be any extra charges, taxes, or fees for things like too-heavy boxes, a longer than anticipated move time or anything else. This should be a requirement when deciding on a long distance mover to help you during your transition.

As for estimates, any moving company that doesn’t provide a quote or estimate based on a walk-through of your home should be a red flag. There is no real way to assess a load or situation over the phone, so if the company is claiming to understand how much it will cost or the time it will take without seeing your home or items – move on. Rates are generally based on mileage, weight (when dealing with long distance moves) or sometimes by the hour depending on how far you are moving. Estimates based on the cubic feet of your home or a walk-through are far more legitimate than those flat rates given just over the phone. Don’t be afraid to ask your Arizona moving company for a written estimate as a way for you to further ensure the safety of your items and money.

keep look out for the three red flags of long distance moversNot only should these three red flags be a basis for deciding on a long distance mover, keep a lookout for:

  • Unprofessional movers: movers who do not have any representation of the residential or commercial Tempe moving company on their truck or shirts or can’t provide you with identification from the moving company.
  • Insurance information: legitimate companies will provide you with their insurance coverage, be on the watch for those that do not tell you all that is covered in the moving process.
  • Bad reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
  • No name, Department of Transportation number or insurance information on the moving truck.

Keeping these red flags in mind will be sure to make your moving process easier, less stressful and legitimate. A to Z Valley Wide Movers is ready to take on your long distance move with grace and integrity, and we are here to help you make the best decision when such a big transition is in your future. Trust your instinct when it comes to large purchases and don’t forget to call your Arizona moving company for all your moving needs.

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