3 Ways to Make the Moving Conversation Kid-Friendly

Moving is a big deal for kids. Take all the stress, anxiety, and fear that you may feel about the move and magnify it. Kids don’t understand why you need to move. All they know is that they are going somewhere they don’t know to live in a strange place surrounded by strange people. If you are moving to a new city, they may also have to get used to a new school and try to make new friends. The situation isn’t exciting for them, and it is made worse by the complete powerlessness that they feel.

3 ways to make the moving conversation kid-friendly

If you are moving with kids, you need to find ways to make it a little easier for them. You can start with the conversation you have breaking the news that you are moving. Here are three ways that you can make that conversation more kid-friendly:

Ask What They Want in the New House

Ask what your kids want in a new house

If you’re able to start the moving conversation before you have a new place picked out, ask your children to get involved in the selection process by giving you some suggestions for what you should get in a new house. Maybe they want to have a bigger room, or maybe they want a bigger yard in which to play. If you are staying in Arizona, chances are good they will want a pool to cool down in the hot summer. If you already have a pool, they might tell you they want a bigger pool or one that has a giant slide.

When they are thinking about all the possible things for their new home, your kids will be getting more excited than they are worried. By the end of the conversation, they may actually want to move.

Show them the House

Show your kids around the new house

>When you break the news to the kids about moving, it’s best if you can show them the actual house. Children need to be able to see themselves in the new place. As soon as you tell them you are moving, they are going to start thinking about how things are going to change for them. If you have the house to show them, they can imagine those things with the actual property in mind. For example, they can start thinking of themselves in their new rooms or playing in the new yard.

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Take the children to the house if you are moving across town. If you are moving far away, such as out of state, show the children as many pictures of the house as you can. Show them the listing photos online, and show them any photos or videos you were able to take while you were house shopping. Take as detailed photos as you can while you are shopping, knowing that you will be showing these photos to the kids later. Pay special attention to things you know will be important to them, such as a great tree for climbing or the pool in the backyard.

If possible, take the kids with you to look at new houses. They will feel more buy in if they are part of the selection process. Plus, they will feel like they have more control, which will make the transition easier for them.

Ask Them to Design Their Room

Have your kids design their own room

Kids often feel powerless because the grownups are always making the decisions for them. You can make them feel better about the move by giving them a sense of power. This works even for teenagers.

One way to give your children power in the move is to ask them to design their own room. Give them magazines, paint samples, carpet samples, and anything else you can think of to get their creative juices flowing. You can ask them to create a collage or hand them a white board and a dry erase marker to create a blue print. You can make them realize you are serious about honoring their wishes by telling them you are going to give the Gilbert movers the floor plan so that their furniture is put just where they want it. This conversation will get them thinking about the positive changes that are coming instead of focusing on the scary unknown.

Moving can be just another example of the way in which kids have no power over where they go or what they do, and that can be scary to them. By giving them as much information as possible and inviting them to be part of the decision-making process in some way – even in designing their own rooms – you give them back some power and make them feel more confident and excited about the move.

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