4 Tools You’ll Want for Your Move

Moving is no picnic. Even if you hire movers in Ahwatukee – which you should! – you still have to pack up every last thing you own, make all the arrangements, and then unpack and organize everything in your new place. The entire process can take weeks, and that’s if you are really organized and like to get things done quickly. If you decide to handle the move yourself, add to your list carrying heavy boxes, hauling heavy furniture, and potentially damaging your property and injuring yourself.

Top four tools you will want for your move

But all those warnings don’t stop some people from taking on the move themselves anyway. If you’re among them, at the very least, you should have the right tools on hand to make the move go a little easier and to minimize the risk of damage to property or to yourself. In addition to a good pair of gloves, here are four tools you’ll want to have for your move:

Furniture Dolly

How a dolly can help with your move

A good dolly is essential to your move. It will help you easily move heavy pieces of furniture, large appliances, and stacks of boxes with ease. You won’t have to worry about straining your back or dropping a washing machine on your foot.

There are several types of dollies you can use. One looks like a vertical “L” that has wheels on the back. You put the bottom of the “L” under your box or appliance, and you tilt the item back on the wheels. Another furniture dolly has the same shape, but it lies on the back of the “L” instead of the bottom. Finally, another dolly looks like a square frame on four wheels. You have to lift items up and onto these last two dolly types, but they allow items to remain upright instead of being tilted.

Furniture Straps

Even with a dolly, furniture and large appliances can fall. They can come off balance on the dolly, sliding off to the side or even tilting back toward you. You can use furniture straps to tie the item to the dolly, ensuring that it does not fall.

Furniture straps can also be used to secure items in the moving truck. For example, you can strap a refrigerator to the wall of the truck so that it doesn’t fall over if you hit a bump on the road. You can also strap boxes together so that they don’t fall over.

Furniture Sliders

How Furniture sliders can help make your move easy

Some pieces of furniture are easier to move by just dragging them across the floor. But you don’t want to damage your furniture or your floors by doing this. Furniture sliders make it easier by giving you a smooth and padded surface to place under the furniture or other heavy item, such as an appliance or a large piece of art.

Furniture sliders are essentially large pieces of specialty cloth. You put the heavy item on top, and you either drag the cloth with the furniture on it or you push the furniture with the cloth under it. The slider helps the furniture move more easily, and it protects your furniture and your floor from scratches and scuffs.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are used to wrap your furniture and other large items that cannot be packed in boxes. The blankets put padding around the furniture or other items so that they are not scuffed or scratched during the move. It is important that you use moving blankets on all exposed items as they can become scratched or damaged even from jostling of boxes during the move.

You don’t need a lot of equipment to make your move easier, but having the right tools will certainly make your move a little easier. A good dolly will help you move heavy items more easily, and furniture straps will keep things where you want them to be and minimize the risk of property damage. Of course, the best way to keep your belongings and your property safe is to hire a professional Ahwatukee moving company that has movers with the right experience and skills to do the job right.

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