5 Business Owner Secrets for Moving Office Locations

5 business owner secrets for moving office locations

Moving office locations in Peoria can be complicated and stressful, but in many cases, it is unavoidable. You may have outgrown your current location, or you may not have the budget to cover the increased rent. You may even be asked to leave because your landlord is renovating or selling the property.
Whatever the reason, you need to find an experienced out of state moving company that can help you make the transition as easy as possible so as not to disrupt your business or hurt your bottom line. Here are five secrets from business owners about how to move office locations quickly and easily (relatively speaking):

Create an Inventory List

Appoint a person in each department – likely the department head – to be in charge of compiling a complete inventory in that department. The inventory should include everything from the staples to the computers, and it should be as precise as possible. Some items will continue to be in flux, such as office supplies, so the list should be prioritized to account for the static items first.

You will use the inventory list to plan the best packing strategy, to get an accurate quote from a moving company, and to double check that everything has made it to the new location once you get there.

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Order New or Replacement Furniture

replacing furniture when moving for businessAfter you compile the inventory list, you may learn of damaged or outdated furniture or equipment that needs to be replaced. For example, your waiting room chairs may look like they’re straight out of the ‘70s and have a funky odor. You will have to replace them if you want to make a good impression on customers and guests. Or you may find that some of your computers are still running on Windows 98 and don’t have the capacity to upgrade, so you have to replace them to allow your staff to be productive.

You may also be moving into a bigger space or a space that has different features, which means that you’ll need to order some new furniture. Order all the new furniture and equipment that you need at least a few months out from your move. Some items may need a longer lead time for ordering.

create a plan when moving business locationCreate a Moving Plan

Your out of state movers will need to know where all the furniture and other inventory should go in your new office. To make it easier on you and them, you’ll need to make a master moving document with instructions on handling items, as well as where they will end up. Then you can make labels for the boxes that let you fill in the floor and room number. The movers can look at the box labels and the master plan to know exactly where to put every item you own. Employees can also refer to both to know where things should be or where they need to be set up.

Prepare other visual aids that will be helpful, as well, such as grid sheets for each room and large posters outlining the general map.

Visit the Site with the Movers

It is best to visit your new location with the moving company ahead of your moving day. Your office movers in Peoria will be able to get a better sense of the place, and you can discuss specific needs and concerns. During this visit, you can also talk about what kind of protection will be used to prevent the floors, walls, elevators, stairs and other elements of the building from being damaged. This is your time to go over the rough plan for the day and to troubleshoot any issues before they arise.

purge your items when movingPurge Unnecessary Items

Moving is a great way to identify the fat in your operations. Take this time to purge things you no longer need, not only to clear up space in the office but also to cut down on your moving time and expense. Moving will be much less cumbersome when you don’t have as much stuff to relocate. You may even be able to offset some of the moving costs by selling some of those unnecessary items.

Of course, there are many more things you’ll need to do for your move, such as notifying your customers, arranging for all your shipments to be moved, notifying your vendors, and more. But these are some steps that will make the actual physical long distance move in Peoria much easier on you.

Hiring the right moving company is the most essential step to a successful move. The right movers will know exactly how to guide you during this process and will be able to work quickly and professionally. A to Z Valleywide Movers in Arizona has a reputation for friendly and professional service. We handle big and small moves for commercial clients of all kinds, including local, statewide and intrastate moves. Give us a call to learn more about our full slate of moving services and to get a free moving quote.

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