5 Moving Company Mistakes Our Arizona Movers NEVER Make

Hiring a moving company in Chandler should be a sure thing. You believe you are hiring a professional, and you should get professional service that ensures your belongings make it to where they are supposed to go, on time, and in the same condition in which they left. But that doesn’t always happen. In fact, there are a lot of moving companies out there that either exaggerate their qualifications when they have little experience or training or that outright lie in an effort to scam you from your money.

5 moving company mistakes our arizona movers never make

With A to Z Valleywide Movers in Arizona, you get what you expect from a professional moving company near you in Cave Creek. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service, and we give each and every one of your belongings special care. We strive to make your move as easy as possible.
Here are five of the top problems you can face with disreputable moving companies that you will NEVER experience with our movers in Chandler:

Overpacking or Poor Packing

You take special care to pack each of your items snuggly inside a box, perhaps wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap, to ensure that they are not broken, scratched or otherwise damaged during the move. But then you hire unprofessional movers who just throw those boxes haphazardly into the truck and undermine all the work you did. Or they might stack boxes carelessly so that heavier boxes crush smaller ones or so they fall over and break items inside.

Our residential and commercial Cave Creek movers take care in not only how they carry items but also how they load them into the truck. Loading is carefully planned with the size and shape of items in mind, so as to prevent breakage from jostling, tipping, and excess weight. We take care of your belongings as if they were our own.

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Failing to Secure Furniture

Furniture can easily tip over or jostle around in the truck during transportation, which can lead to major damage. Many unprofessional movers put furniture in the truck without securing it, assuming that the weight of the piece will hold it up or that it will be protected by the surrounding boxes. But this is rarely the case.

Our movers ensure that all furniture is securely fastened so that it does not shift during the move. It will arrive unblemished from the move and completely in one piece.

third party movers with moving companyUsing a Third-Party Mover

If you are moving out of state, some moving companies may hire a third-party mover to take your goods across state lines. The problem with this is that you have no control over what happens to your things. You may not even know the company is using a third party for the move. And, in many cases, the move will be performed quickly and sloppily, resulting in damage to your belongings.

A to Z Valleywide Movers does not use third-party companies to perform your move. We move residential and commercial moving clients in Chandler locally and across state lines. We can even move you across the country.

Charging Extra Fees

When you sign your moving contract, make sure you read the fine print. You could be charged with many extra fees that you didn’t know about otherwise. One of the most common fees is known as a “shuttle fee,” which is levied when the truck isn’t able to pull directly up to your home and unload. This is often a problem in a big city where you don’t have personal parking or where the parking lot is far from your unit.

We make all our fees clear at the start so you don’t have any surprises when you get the final bill. We deliver door to door without any hidden fees.

Unloading Sloppily

Your movers should unload your boxes in an orderly fashion to make it easy for you to unpack and start getting settled in your new home. If you give the movers a map, you can even have the boxes sorted and ready for you. All the kitchen boxes will be in the new kitchen, the linens in the hall or bathroom, and so on.

movers moving boxes sloppyWith a low-quality moving company, your boxes will be unloaded randomly wherever the movers find a place to toss them. They can be stacked precariously, thrown around, or even broken. Items can be scattered throughout your home, making it hard to find what you need.

A to Z Valleywide Movers always unloads items in an orderly fashion, with or without specific guidelines for where things should go. If you have no preferences for where things are unloaded, our movers will stack boxes carefully in orderly groups, making it easier for you to go through them later and ensuring that nothing is damaged.

Don’t waste your time on movers that don’t have the experience or the training to keep your items safe and make your move stress-free. Work with the professionals at A to Z Valleywide Movers to have the peace of mind that your belongings will be well cared for and that your transition to your new home will be a smooth one. We hire only the most experienced and highly qualified movers to provide you the best service. Call us today for a free quote and find out why we are considered by many to be the best moving company in Arizona.

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