5 Myths You Probably Believe About Moving Companies

Unless you’ve ever hired a moving company, you probably have a lot of misconceptions about them. Those misconceptions may very well be the reasons why you are reluctant to hire professional Phoenix movers. You may think that hiring movers is too expensive, or you may have a misunderstanding about how the process works, which can make you intimidated to make the call.

5 myths you probably believe about moving companies

The reality is that hiring a moving company can make your move imminently easier. It is important that you do your research so you know what to expect and understand the benefits that hiring movers offers.

Here are five myths you probably believe about moving companies – debunked:


Myth #1: It Doesn’t Matter What Boxes You Use

Buy the boxes our moving company offers

You might think that you don’t need to buy the boxes the moving company offers, or that it doesn’t matter what kind of boxes the company says it uses. All boxes are the same, right?


Boxes may all be made of cardboard, but the quality of that cardboard varies. Some cardboard is thicker or has more reinforcement. You need sturdy boxes, or else your belongings are likely to fall right out the bottom when you pick up a box. Or the boxes can become crushed under their own weight when they are stacked.

Don’t reuse boxes if you can help it. The boxes will weaken with each use. Buy the boxes the moving company in North Phoenix offers, and get the peace of mind that your belongings will be safe.


Myth #2: My Belongings Will Get Damaged

Your moving company will handle your stuff with care

A lot of people have this image in their mind of movers who throw boxes into a truck haphazardly to get things done as quickly as possible. But this image couldn’t be further from the truth. Professional movers take great care to prevent items from being damaged. They pack items carefully into the truck, and they use furniture pads and other tools to prevent damage.

Taking good care of your belongings is just good business for a moving company. If the company employed movers who regularly damaged items, it would develop a bad reputation quickly. It would also lose a lot of money on potential liability claims.


Myth #3: Insurance Covers All Damage or Loss from the Move

Moving companies have insurance

You might believe that if items are damaged during the move, the company is covered by insurance that will pay you for the full value of replacing or repairing those items. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Moving companies in Phoenix do have insurance, but the coverage usually pays only a portion of the estimated damage.

You should invest in additional moving insurance to protect against any potential damage. Professional movers will take care to get your belongings to your new home in one piece, but accidents still happen. Make sure you are covered in case they do.


Myth #4: I Have to Ride in the Moving Truck with the Movers

You do not have to ride in the moving truck

We’re not sure how this myth ever got started, but it is absolutely false. In fact, you cannot ride in the truck with the movers. You are required to ride in your own vehicle. If you were to ride in the moving truck, the company would be liable for any injuries if there were an accident.

Companies don’t want to pay for the additional insurance coverage for such scenarios, so most have a policy that strictly prohibits anyone who is not an employee from riding in the truck.

If you are concerned for some reason, you can always follow the moving truck in your own vehicle. However, when you hire a reputable company, you should have no cause for concern.

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Myth #5: All Moving Companies are the Same

All moving companies are not all the same

Whatever your perception of moving companies – that they are run by crooks, that they are expensive – you likely think this belief applies to all companies. However, moving companies are as different from each other as any other companies are. They can vary greatly in price, in quality of service, and in the services offered.

A reputable company will give you a fair price, provide reliable and trained movers, and ensure that you get the best service possible. You should be able to get any assistance you need from a reputable company, including packing, loading, unpacking, and more.

Don’t let the myths about moving companies prevent you from hiring one and making your move a lot easier. With the right movers, you can make your move quicker, easier, and safer – plus, you’ll save yourself a lot of back-breaking labor.

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