5 Things to Compare When Choosing a Moving Company

Finding the right moving company is essential to having a great move, whether you are just moving across town or you are crossing state lines. The right movers can pack you up, get everything to your new home safely, and even unpack and get everything in place. You can even save a lot of money by hiring a good moving company.

You have a lot of options in Gilbert and the surrounding area for movers, and you shouldn’t pick just anyone. Making the wrong choice could cost you a lot of money and heartache. You should do your research, and you should meet with several companies before you choose. Here are five tings you should compare when you are narrowing down your choices for a Gilbert moving company:

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1. Get Quotes

You can call and get a moving quote over the phone, but that quote is almost certainly going to prove incorrect. How can a moving company give you a proper estimate if no one has laid eyes on your home or the things you need to move? Some things require special handling, and some people can pack much more into a certain number of rooms than others. These and other things will influence the final cost of your move.

When you request an estimate, ask for the movers to come to your home to see what you intend to move. Highlight any special items during this inspection, such as a piano or a large piece of art. Get a comprehensive quote that includes all fees and extras. Then you can properly compare costs between companies.

2. Analyze Rates

Some moving companies charge an hourly rate, and some charge a flat fee for the whole move, based on the distance, items to be moved, and other factors. Make sure you know how your estimate has been calculated. If you are paying by the hour, the final price can vary significantly from the estimate you were given.

Analyze the information on your estimate closely, and ask plenty of questions to ensure you have clarity. You don’t want there to be any surprises later.

3. Check Out the Services

You can hire a Gilbert moving company just to move your belongings into your new house, or you can hire movers to pack for you, unpack, store items, and more. When you are checking out your options for movers, you should be sure you know what services they offer.

Don’t rely on just what’s on the website. Talk to a representative and get a complete list of services. Ask about any specialty services you might need, such as moving art work or commercial equipment.

4. Check Reviews

Every moving company is going to present itself in the best light. However, if you talk to previous customers, you are going to learn a lot more about what to expect from the service you would get from the company. Check out online reviews for all the moving companies you are considering. Don’t just read the positive reviews right off the top. Read several positive and negative reviews on several sites to get a great idea of what you can expect.

You should also check business organizations like the Better Business Bureau to find out how the moving company is rated and whether any complaints have been filed against it.

5. Consider Reliability and Reputation

One thing you’ll want to check out in the reviews and ask others about is what kind of reputation each moving company has and whether it is known for reliability and professionalism. If you ask friends and family for their experiences with moving companies, you should ask about these issues. You can also visit local online forums to ask these questions. Do your due diligence so you don’t end up hiring a company that lets you down or gives you bad service.

Hiring the right moving company can ensure that your move goes much smother. You can settle into your new home more quickly and feel much better about the experience. Make sure you do your research and properly compare moving companies so you find the right provider.

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