Top 5 Tips for Moving Your Pets across Country

Moving may be exciting for you, but it can be incredibly stressful for your pet. Even if your dog likes the occasional car ride, he is going to feel very distressed if he sees your whole house get packed up and put in a truck or if he has to spend hours in a car. And have you ever put a cat in a car? Even the shortest trips are stressful, so imagine how terrifying a move would be.

Tips for Moving Your Pets across Country

With a little preparation and help from the right moving company, you can make your move easier on the whole family, including its four-legged members. Here are a few tips for moving cross country with your pets:

Get Your Pet Ready for the Move

State laws vary, so your pet may need vaccines in your new home state that they don’t have to have in Arizona. Check out the requirements and schedule to have those vaccinations taken care of before you move. Otherwise, you might get a fine as a housewarming gift.

You should also try to plan your move around your pet, if you can. For example, you might not want to move during New Year’s Even or the Fourth of July when fireworks are going off and making your pet even more nervous.

Prepare your home, if you can, for your pet’s arrival. That may mean checking the backyard for any holes or weaknesses in the fence so that your dog doesn’t pull of an escape in unfamiliar surroundings. Or it may mean just getting a room in the house ready with a few familiar items, such as by having your pet’s bed sent ahead or by putting a favorite blanket down on the floor.

Finally, talk to your vet. He may be able to prescribe a sedative or anti-anxiety medication for the trip. He may also have other suggestions specific to your pet, whom he should know well.

Make a Cozy Space for Travel

Your travel will likely be the longest and most stressful part of your move for your pet. If you are flying, check out your airline’s requirements for your pet’s travel. You will likely need to have a specific carrier and have food and water available for your pet. You should also consider putting a few favorite treats in the carrier, as well as a favorite toy and a blanket or a scrap of fabric with your smell on it.

If you are driving to your new home, create a cozy space for your pet in your car or truck. You should have a crate for a cat, and you should consider one for an overly nervous dog. However, if you have a dog that is used to driving in a car and you have the space, consider giving the dog a familiar blanket and a little room to stretch out. This would be ideal in the back of an SUV. Include a couple of toys that your pet likes, and bring treats to give out when you think they would be helpful.

Whatever travel method you choose for your pet, consider asking your vet if a sedative or other medication would be helpful to ease the trip.

Your long-distance moving company near mesa may also offer travel services for your pet. Ask about what options are available and what steps they take to make your pet more comfortable.

Make It a Warm Welcome Home

Do what you can to prepare the space ahead of time for your pet. Even if you can’t prepare the yard and the room for your pet, you can make sure that you’re the first one in the house so a few things are waiting for your pet. Lay down a comfy blanket and spread out some favorite toys. Put the litter box, food bowls, and other familiar items nearby. Then let your pet inside and leave them free to explore the space.

Be sure that any room you choose for your pet is one that will be undisturbed by the movers. Your pet will feel really anxious, and people coming into and out of the room with furniture and boxes will only make your pet more anxious. Also try to choose a room that is a bit removed from the main action so that the noise does not upset your pet.

Once the movers are done, consider unpacking before you let your pet explore the space. It will be easier for him to adjust if your things are mostly the way he remembers them from your previous home.

Moving with pets can be stressful, but if you do the right planning, it can be a lot easier for your whole family. Hire trusted cross country movers who can take care of the major work so that you can focus on helping your pets and on making the transition an easier one.

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