5 Tips for Moving Furniture between Apartments

Moving between apartments requires special care. You might have to walk up and down several flights of stairs to get out of your current apartment or into your new apartment (or both). You will also be dealing with small spaces and tight corners that will make it hard for you to move your furniture.

The very best thing you can do is hire professional moving help instead of trying to tackle the job yourself. Professional movers in Chandler are used to the physically demanding labor the move requires, and they will have tools and special tricks for getting the furniture in and out of those tight spaces without damaging it.

5 Tips for moving furniture between apartments

If you insist on taking care of the move yourself, here are five tips for moving your furniture between apartments:

Take Plenty of Measurements

Take plenty of measurements when moving

Don’t wait until your couch is firmly wedged between the stair rail and the hallway wall to find out that your couch isn’t going to fit that way. Take plenty of measurements of your furniture and of the doorways, hallways, stairs, and other passage ways where you will be carrying your furniture.

If you find that the furniture is too large to fit, you will either need to find another way to get it out of your apartment (or into your new one), or you will need to disassemble the furniture. Most furniture is made to be taken apart and put back together. It may add some extra work for you, but it will reduce the risk that your furniture will be damaged, and it will help you get the furniture from place to place more easily. You’ll also save yourself the deposit you put down on your apartment by not damaging the walls and more trying to cram furniture in and out.

Use Furniture Sliders

Use furniture sliders when moving

Furniture sliders are small, plastic pieces that you can put on the legs of your couch or the bottom of other pieces of furniture. They allow the furniture to slip easily across the floor, even on carpet. Instead of picking up the heavy furniture, you can just slide it across the floor. The move will go faster, and you won’t risk injuring yourself in the process.

If you can’t find furniture sliders or they don’t work with your furniture, you can use towels and pieces of cardboard to the same effect. Just tip the furniture and slide the towel or cardboard underneath it. Then pull the towel or cardboard to slide the furniture across the floor. The towel or cardboard will also serve to protect the floors.

Push and Pull

Even if you can’t put aids like sliders under your furniture, you can still move pieces more easily by pushing or pulling them instead of lifting and carrying them. You’ll have to be careful not to scratch or damage your floors, but if you are slow and steady, you should be fine. You’ll save yourself a lot of physical hassle, and you will minimize the risk of throwing out your back or spending the next day laying about with pain all over.

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Empty Everything Out

Emptying out your furniture will help your move

Some furniture you just have to carry, and there’s no way around it. You can make it a lot easier on yourself by emptying everything you can out of the furniture before you carry it. That means taking out all drawers and shelves from dressers, bookcases, cabinets, armoires, and more. It also means taking all the cushions off couches and chairs, removing DVDs and game consoles from entertainment centers, taking dishes out of buffets, and more.

Some people like to fill furniture with items instead of packing them in boxes. But this only makes the furniture much heavier and much harder to lift. Save yourself the trouble by making the furniture as light as you can and packing the rest in boxes.
Moving furniture is one of the biggest challenges in a move, and doing it between apartments is even more challenging. You can make the whole process a little easier by following these tips.

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