5 Tips for Protecting Office Furniture and Computers in Your Move

Moving an office isn’t like moving a home. You have much larger furniture and specialty equipment that requires special care. You need to hire Scottsdale movers who know how to take proper care with your office furniture and equipment, and you need to pack the items properly.

5 Tips for protecting office furniture and computers in your move

Of course, you can always hire movers in Scottsdale to pack your items for you, but if you want to pack your office yourself, here are five tips you need to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Empty Equipment

Your office refrigerator has to be emptied of food

You must remove items and fluids from some equipment before it can be moved. For example, your office refrigerator has to be emptied of food and then defrosted. Then you have to drain the lines so that water doesn’t get everywhere during the move.

You will also need to remove tapes or cartridges from your printers, copiers, and fax machines. These can get damaged or leak if they are jostled during the move. You’ll have to remove books from your bookshelves, all contents from your desk drawers, and anything that’s inside a lateral filing cabinet. Small, vertical filing cabinets can be moved with papers inside.

Tip #2: Secure All Doors and Drawers

Furniture must be secured before it is moved

Doors and drawers on cabinets, desks, and other furniture must be secured before the furniture is moved. Otherwise, they can fly open during the move, damaging the furniture or injuring someone. Don’t use tape to secure these items. When you remove the tape, it can take off the stain or the paint.

Instead, use stretch wrap or a lock on the doors. You’ll secure your items and protect the finish.

Tip #3: Wrap Items Properly

Pack in the original packaging

Use thick bubble wrap or moving blankets to wrap your computer monitors and towers well. These items need extra care so they are not scratched or cracked. Do not stack these items or place them under anything during the move. If you can, pack them in the original packaging.

Of course, you should also use the moving blankets to wrap desks, bookcases, filing cabinets, and other furniture. The blankets will keep these items safe from scratches and dents. Use thick blankets for optimal protection.

Tip #4: Bag and Label Wires

Bag and label wires

You have to disconnect all cords and wires from all computers and other electronic equipment. At the end of it all, you can have a jumble of cords and have a hard time figuring out where they all go when you get to the new office. Instead, bag cords as you remove them, and label each of the bags with what computer they belong to for easy matching later.

Keep the wires for each piece of equipment in their own bags. Label the computers with a number if you need help remembering which computers the wires belong to later.

Tip #5: Pack Items Properly

Pack items properly

The best way to pack items is to put a layer of heavy pieces on the bottom of the box and then fill the rest of the box with medium to light-weight items. Of course, this only holds true if the heavier items are not fragile items. If they are, they should be packed in the boxes by themselves.

Overpacking boxes with heavy items will make them harder to move and increase the odds that the items will crush each other in the box.

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Once you have everything properly packed and prepared, your movers can come in and transport everything without issue. You should also take photos of any damage already on the furniture before it’s moved so you know if any scratches that you notice after the move are new.

If you have hired a reputable commercial moving company in Scottsdale, or a Queen Creek commercial moving company, you don’t have to worry. Professional movers will take great care to ensure that your belongings arrive safely in their new home and without any damage. A to Z Valleywide Movers is well-known throughout Arizona for our professional service and reliable results. Our affordable movers have the experience and skill to quickly and safely move your home or office within Arizona or to another state. Call us if you want to work with the best commercial moving company in Arizona. We offer a free estimate so you know whether our affordable movers fit into your budget.

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