6 Best Ways to Boost Morale during an Office Move

An office move is sometimes unavoidable. You may need to move into a larger space to accommodate your growing team or to serve more customers. Or you may need to move because your building owner is raising the rent or selling the space to someone new. Unfortunately, your employees may have a lot of negative reactions to your move, no matter how necessary it may be, fearing how things will be different.

You may not be able to change the fact that you need to move, but you can change how your employees react to the move with how you handle the process. Here are six things you can do to boost employee morale during your office move:

Office Move

Ask for Feedback

Once you know that a move is needed and you are ready to start searching for a new space, let your employees know and ask them about what they’d like to see in the new space. They might tell you they want more parking, or they might want a bigger break room. Invite them to share any and all feedback, and let them know you are going to take it into consideration when looking for a new space.

You may not be able to accommodate all of the feedback you receive, but your employees will feel better about the move when you’ve allowed them some buy in.

Communicate Well and Often

Many employees react negatively to the news of an office move because they worry about what changes will come. They don’t know if the move means that there will be changes to the company also, including to their jobs. Some may even worry about losing their jobs. You can assuage these fears by communicating well about the move right from the start.

Talk to your employees about why the move is necessary, and focus on how it will benefit the company. Focus on the positives for employees, such as having more office space or enjoying more perks in the new space. Answer any questions employees have, and don’t shy away from any negative aspects of the move. Communicate whenever you have new information, and be as forthcoming as possible to earn your employees’ trust and make them feel better about the move.

Talk about Commute and Parking

One of the biggest gripes that many employees have is that they have a difficult commute or they aren’t able to get convenient parking. They may have to drive from far away to get to the office, or they may have to endure gridlock traffic every day. When they arrive at the office, they may struggle to find a space, or they may have to park blocks away from the office.

Talk to your employees about the new location well ahead of time so you can address any concerns about commute. Provide solutions if you can. Then talk to them about the new parking arrangement so they know what to expect.

Research Child Care

Employees with children will likely be concerned about how moving to a new location will affect their current child care arrangements. Many choose child care based on how close it is to their work, making drop off and pick up much easier when they are commuting to and from work.

Research the child care options around your new location, and distribute this information to employees to make the search easier for them if they need to change providers. You may even consider offering to pay for application fees if they have to make a change.

Create an Information Packet

A lot of things may change for your employees, depending on where you move. You can make things easier on them and create a lot of goodwill by putting together a packet of information for them. Consider including information on local schools, neighborhood profiles, places to eat around the office, public transportation schedules, gyms, healthcare providers, and more. The more information you provide, the more cared for your employees will feel. They will see that you took the effort to make the transition easier on them, and that will boost morale.

Make It Fun

You can ease a lot of employee anxiety by offering some opportunities for release. Hold some fun activities or some social gathering. For example, you can invite employees to a packing party, or you can host a weekend picnic for them and their families. The more you can do to lighten the mood around the office, the better everyone will feel.

Moving can be tough in any circumstances, but it can be especially anxiety-inducing when it is an office move. Not only do you have to move large and delicate equipment, but you also have to worry about employees feeling bad about the move. You can boost morale and make the move easier on everyone by trying some of these tips.

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