6 Moving Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Getting Ready For Your Next Move

Have you ever wondered what moving trends will emerge next year? Is there any way to predict them? Are moving companies and lease owners following certain trends?

What about all of us relocating things from point A to point B with a trusted Avondale moving company? Of course, there are several things we cannot predict when it comes to relocating, but analytics experts come up with all kinds of possibilities.

The sooner you start looking into those trends, the better prepared you’ll be for a relocation. So, before planning your next move, check below the top 6 moving trends for 2023 according to the pros. 

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Normal Is Still Trendy

The overall outlook for the moving industry seems to be returning to pre-pandemic norms despite a decline in the number of local moves. The Covid-19 years were one long, busy moving season. But nowadays, moving has become less popular because the housing market has stabilized in most areas. Moreover, interest and inflation rates have increased.

While people are starting to adjust to hybrid and remote work schedules, long-distance and international moves are still on the rise. Many people cannot move locally, so they prefer exchanging their 3% mortgages for 6% or 7% mortgages when the interest rate hikes.

In short, the moves slowed down once interest rates increased. 

Automation Is Necessary

Moving customers and movers now work together on the same team thanks to Covid-19. One of the most important moving tips for anyone hiring a Buckeye moving company and changing addresses is to take a thorough inventory of their belongings. This is necessary to have peace of mind.

Covid brought social distancing, and with it, the need for moving businesses to evolve. Their solution was to remove in-person estimating and allow customers to make a video of their homes and belongings to obtain a quote—the more exact the clip, the more precise the estimate.

In the coming months and years, you can expect to see many companies moving toward automation.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Unexpected

Nearly all markets will continue to experience uncertainty until the beginning of 2023. The economy is only now starting to recover from the difficult conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody knows what to expect in the following months or even years.

Be prepared to adjust to rapidly changing conditions as a moving customer, especially if you are not leaving your immediate area.

Although things seem to have gone back to normal, regional markets can be different.

Expect Stable Costs

It comes as no surprise that moving expenses have increased significantly over time. As a result of Covid, supply chain disruptions and a labor shortage pushed moving expenses skyward in a hurry.

Hiring an Ahwatukee moving company is not necessarily cheap, but during COVID-19, the prices were a bit higher than usual.

High material costs implied that moving companies had to pass the costs on to their clients even if they could obtain the trucks, equipment, moving supplies, and boxes they required to do business. When shortages were combined with high moving demand, prices for moving customers skyrocketed.

International Relocation Will Continue

There’s been at least a 20% increase in international relocation compared to last year. 

With the growing popularity of remote and hybrid work, more people are free to travel—-and they are. Expect the trend of moving from one country to another to continue this year to popular destinations such as Europe, Australia, and Mexico.

Commercial Moving Prices Remain High

Most of us have gone through a lot in the last few years. However, for commercial moving clients, this is not fully true. 

Many businesses are still attempting to figure out how to manage costs while maintaining a workforce that only wants to work part-time.

Due to the challenging environment, corporations are experimenting with different options. The good news for moving companies is that commercial moving is on the rise and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

An Avondale moving company only needs to experiment a bit more with automation and other techniques to keep its business working. Fortunately, they won’t have to stress too much if they offer commercial moving services. 

In addition to corporate moving, many people and families who intended to move from expensive big cities to more affordable and rural areas have not yet done so. If we include people leaving the office and moving out of town for business reasons, there will be even more in 2023.

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