A Complete Guide To Move A Piano When Relocating

Essential Tips For Moving A Piano Safely

Have you ever moved a piano? If so, you know how intricate and heavy the process can be. Whether doing it yourself or hiring an Avondale moving company, you must follow some guidelines to relocate the piano successfully.

Moving a piano can be daunting, but with careful planning and execution, it can become an easier task. Keep reading below to see our complete guide.

Moving A Piano Safely

Don’t Be Afraid Of Asking For Help

Keep in mind that pianos are not only heavy but also awkward. You’ll need a couple of extra hands to help uprights because their legs and feet can be weak. They bear all their weight in the top half.

To move the typical upright piano correctly and securely, allow for a minimum of four people. It is the ideal time to ask friends and family for help. Offer them something in appreciation for their time and labor, even if it’s just a lunch or a favor in exchange for their assistance.

Get The Right Tools

Rent or buy heavy-duty straps to improve your grip on the piano itself. You’ll also need a furniture mover that can handle the weight. Also, you can use straps to keep the piano in place in the moving truck and on the furniture dolly. This way, you’ll be able to move the piano more smoothly. 

If you’re not sure about it, consult a Buckeye moving company or a moving supply store. Depending on the kind of piano you’re transporting, they’ll offer you the most appropriate guidance for this job. 

Additionally, you’ll need to rent or buy moving blankets or padding to cushion any bumps the piano may experience. This will protect the walls from dings and scratches.

Keep The Keyboard Safe

The first step in transporting a piano is to shut and lock the keyboard lid. It will stop it from opening while you’re moving. You must protect the keys because they are delicate. 

When wrapping the piano, ensure the keyboard lid is closed. Avoid using tape because it can damage the wood surface.

Wrapping The Piano

Wrap the piano with blankets or padding. Use packing tape to bind the blanket and make sure to cover the corners. Avoid letting the tape touch the piano’s surface.

Ensure that the padding or blanket is thick enough to protect the piano from potential bumps. 

It might be tedious to find blankets or paddings to protect the piano, but they’re necessary if you want to avoid scratches or any damage. Feel free to contact an Ahwatukee moving company to get more help when moving the piano.

Lifting The Piano

Never raise the piano by its legs when moving it into place, whether that’s onto the furniture dolly or another spot. The legs are particularly vulnerable. Also, keep the piano upright. It’s not ideal for the internal mechanisms to be laid on their side.

Follow these steps:

  • Position two people on each side of the piano and put the moveable straps beneath the piano’s bottom, one on each end.
  • Lift the piano onto the furniture dolly with one person holding each end of each strap (you should have four people helping, each holding the four corners).
  • Make sure the piano legs are flat on the dolly before securing it.
  • If the piano is on wheels, you should either lock the wheels (if it’s possible) or make sure the piano is fastened.

Keeping It Safe In The Truck

The piano should be placed near the back wall of the moving truck, which divides the truck’s interior cab from the cargo compartment. It will be one of the first items to be packed and one of the last items to be unloaded at the new location.

Your Avondale moving company may recommend using wood planks to ensure an even surface for the piano. This lessens the strain on the piano legs and casters, which would otherwise have to work harder to stabilize during the shift. 

Moving In

Make sure you have a clear idea of where the piano will go before you move into your new house. It should be against a wall, preferably an inside wall to keep out the cold and moisture. Once more, consult a professional if you need to navigate stairs, elevators, or a confined place.

Find A Reliable Moving Company

Lastly, find a trusted moving company to ensure safe transportation. Pianos are delicate and heavy, so they require special attention. 

To make you the search easier, contact A to Z Valleywide Movers. Our services guarantee the best care when packing and moving your items so you don’t have to worry about scratches, bumps, or any other damage. Call us now to request a quote! 

This article is courtesy of A Wise Move, a high-rated company that specializes in moving services throughout the Valley.

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