How To Avoid Hiring Dishonest Movers

If you are moving in Arizona, it is no doubt the cause of some major stress. The last thing you need to worry about is finding a reputable moving company in Phoenix that will take care of your belongings as you would take care of them. Any time we move, it is always a concern of ours that we will choose the wrong moving company and our possessions will get damaged, lost, or stolen by the company we hire to take some of the weight off our shoulders. After all, we are essentially packing all of our things into their getaway car and letting them drive off with our entire home. Here are a few ways to avoid hiring dishonest movers.

how to avoid hiring dishonest movers

The first warning sign that your moving company in Tempe is not going to be on your side is that they are not licensed. Basically what this means is that they are not regulated by the government. You don’t want an unlicensed moving company because in the event that they decide to run off with your things, you can’t turn to the government for help. Since they are not licensed, the government will not have any information on them or their whereabouts. This will make it that much more difficult to get your things back, and your money. So make sure your local residential moving company near ASU is licensed and it will put your mind at ease.

If your movers have absurdly and suspiciously low moving costs, then it’s probably in your best interests to run in the other direction. Owning a moving company is a pricey endeavor, from keeping the trucks fueled to paying the drivers and movers in Phoenix for their skills. Seeing a company that is not quite on the reasonable side of pricing is a red flag. Do some research and see what the costs are of other moving companies, and if your initial choice is well below the others, then you need to get out of there and get out of their fast.

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If you have been looking into several companies to get your things moved to their new location, then you probably have a good idea of what to look for in a company. But the last thing you would think to look at is a physical location for the company. It’s a moving company, they don’t need a proper location, right? No. If there is no location listed or if the location is a faulty one that they have given you, then you need to get out of there now and run as far away from that company as possible. Think about this logically. They need a place for their trucks to go, they need an address for billing, not to mention they need someplace to store their packing items like boxes and tape. If they don’t have a real location, then how are they going to store and regulate all of the materials they need. So make sure you find a company with a real, physical location.

One final thing you should look for when trying to find a moving company is their insurance policy. You should check this in a multitude of areas, but especially with a moving company because they are dealing with all of your possessions and that is really important. Furniture, knickknacks, dishes, and clothing among other things are essential to us. If your moving company does not have an insurance policy, then you should probably find another company, as that one is not legitimate. honest moving company moving stuff in phoenixMost moving companies can provide some sort of insurance for your items, and this will really go a long way when trying to find a good moving company in the 85283 area for your things. If the company shows you a flimsy copy of an insurance policy, you should check in with your insurance provider to see if it is indeed legitimate or if it’s just a ruse to scheme you with. But stick to your gut. If it seems sketchy, the odds are that it probably is.

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