College Packing Tips for a Quick, Stress-Free Move

Getting ready to go to college is an exciting time – whether you are ready to leave for the first time or you are going back for your second, third, or even fourth year. But though it is an exciting time, it can also be a stressful time. You have to think about a lot of logistics, like registering for classes, making sure your tuition is paid, and making sure you have everything you need to live in the dorm for the next semester or a year.

We may not be able to make every part of the back-to-school process easier, but we can help you make the moving process a bit easier. Here are a few tips for packing to make your move fast and stress-free:

Young woman moving to college

Focus on the Essentials

Knowing that you are going to be away from home for many months to come, you may feel compelled to take everything with you that you may need or want. You won’t know until months down the road that you didn’t actually ever use all of those things you spend so much time and energy packing. It’s far better to focus on just the essentials when you pack and to send for (or buy) other items that you need later.

The essentials include your clothes, personal hygiene items, bedding, and school supplies. You don’t need all those decorative items, tools for your hobbies (which you probably won’t have time for anyway), extensive movie or music collection, and other items. By focusing on the essentials, you can save a lot of time packing, as well as a lot of money for the Chandler moving company.

Coordinate with Your New Roommate

You may want to bring a few bigger pieces with you, like a refrigerator for your dorm room to store snacks or a nice stereo system to play music while you’re studying. But your roommate may have the same idea and be bringing the same things without you realizing it. Not only will you clutter up your already small room with duplicate items, but you’ll also pack things that aren’t needed and pay more to your Mesa movers.

Just check in with your roommate before you finalize your packing list. Don’t duplicate your efforts!

Check for Banned Items

You may not even be allowed to bring that microwave you want to bring or that waterbed topper. Your university may have prohibitions on what’s allowed in the dorms. If you bring them anyway, not only will you have wasted time and money on your move, but you may also be hit with a fine or other sanctions from your school.

Check for any banned items before you finalize what you’ll bring. Check over what you’ve already packed and remove anything that’s forbidden.

Pack for the Short Term

You don’t need to pack clothes to last you for the entire year. You are going to have a lot of breaks during the school year, and chances are good that you are going to come home for several of them. You’ll be able to change out or restock clothes when you make visits home. You don’t need to overburden your move with all those extra clothes.

Think through what other items you can leave at home for the short term. Pack only what you’ll need until your next visit home.

Bringing Cleaning Supplies

Dorms are disgusting places. While that may have put you at risk for athlete’s foot or something equally inconvenient in the past, the current climate makes things a little dodgier. Be sure to bring plenty of cleaning gear to minimize your risk of COVID infection. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and sprays, face masks, and more. Don’t expect your college to take care of it for you!

Creating a good packing plan will make your transition into (or back to) the dorm much easier. You’ll finish your move more quickly, and you won’t be weighed down by the stress of trying to manage so much stuff. Hiring a moving company in Mesa will also make the process easier by taking the heavy lifting off your hands (literally). By streamlining your packing with the tips above, you’ll also save money on the movers by reducing the amount you have to move.

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