Color Labeling Your Moving Boxes

How you pack has a big influence on how easy your move is on the back end. Sure, just throwing things into boxes willy nilly is going to make packing go faster, but it will create a nightmare for when you are unpacking. You’ll have a mess on your hands as you take things out of the boxes, and you won’t know where the things are that you need right away. You’ll have to scramble every time you need to do something essential like cook dinner or take a shower.

Labeling your moving boxes can help make the process a lot easier. You need a towel so you just look for the box with the word “towels” on the side. However, even this can be complicated if you are looking at a sea of plain text on the side of brown boxes. Using colored labels can make it easier to spot what you need at a glance and to find specific items more easily.

color labeling your moving boxes

Here are a few tips for using colored labels on your boxes before the movers in Glendale show up to transport everything:

Color Boxes by Room

The easiest way to organize your boxes is to choose one color for each room of your home – such as red labels for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom, green for your child’s room, yellow for the bathroom and so on. You may need to use light and dark colors if you have a lot of rooms.
Make sure you include areas of your home that are not technically “rooms,” such as your back porch, your shed, your hallway, and your garage.
Write down your color key so that you don’t forget which rooms match up to which labels.

Label All Sides of the Boxes

Don’t put just one colored label on your box. If you do, it may be harder to identify boxes on sight. You don’t want to have to climb through piles of boxes to turn the boxes around and see what labels they have.

Put a label on the top of each box and on all four sides.

List Contents

To make it even easier on you, and if you are using a local residential moving company in Arrowhead, is to unpack and sort your belongings, you should write a list of items on the labels, as well. You don’t have to be as specific as listing how many forks are in a box or what book titles are inside, but you should be fairly specific. Don’t just write “books” – write “mystery novels” and “cookbooks.” Make that list on each label so that you can easily identify contents without moving boxes around too much.

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List Boxes as Contents Are Intended

You may have some art that’s hanging in your master bedroom right now, but you already know that you want to put it in the hall bathroom when you move. Go ahead and put that art in a box labeled for the hall bathroom, not for the bedroom. This means that you will also have to think through the rooms that are at your new home, not in your current home.

If you aren’t sure about where some items will go when you move, just keep them in the boxes for the rooms they currently occupy.

Use Weatherproof Materials

Don’t spend a lot of time organizing and labeling all your boxes only to have your work ruined by a good rain. Use labels that won’t become waterlogged or tear off, and use pens or markers with ink that won’t smear. Do everything you can to protect the work you have done.

Create a Master Chart

Make it easy for your movers in the 85301 area to keep your boxes organized by creating a master chart for your labels. You can either print up a floor plan with each of the rooms filled in with the colors that correspond to your boxes, or you can put the appropriately colored label on the doors of each room. Instruct the Scottsdale movers to put the boxes in the rooms that match the labels.

Create a Master Inventory

scottsdale color labelingEven the most reputable moving company is not infallible. Mistakes can happen and items can become damaged or lost. You can protect yourself by making a master inventory of all that you have packed. Use spreadsheet software to track contents according to each box, which you can also number.
You can check off the boxes as you unpack. If one is missing, you can quickly and easily tell the moving company what contents were included.

Of course, one of the best ways to protect your belongings is to take your time to research all the options and to hire the most reputable moving company you can find. A to Z Valleywide Movers has a reputation throughout Arizona for being a reliable Scottsdale moving company with friendly and experienced professionals. We can help you with simple moves around the Valley, or we can help with your long-distance move across Arizona or across the country. We handle both residential and commercial moves, and we can handle every step of your move if needed. Contact us today for a free quote.

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