Common Moving Injuries

Moving can be quite the experience. By “quite the experience,” we mean it can be chaotic, expensive and a painful experience. Most people don’t hired a interstate moving company to relocate their belongs because it’s expensive. People would rather do all the packing, heavy lifting, loading, and driving their furniture and boxes from point A to point B all by themselves. That may save you money, but it will increase the headache and stress that one has when moving in Arizona. Not to mention the injuries one may inquire when moving. The common injuries that happen when lifting heavy object improperly is backache, shoulder dislocation, adding tension to your calves and ankles. We provide tips on how to avoid these common moving injuries.

common moving injuries

This tip is common and hopefully everyone knows and follows it. Whenever lifting something heavy, from the ground, lift with your legs. Don’t put all the weight on your back and arms, you will only end up injuring yourself. Below are tips on how to lift heavy objects from the floor properly and without injuring yourself.

Start in a safe position. Have a clear idea where you are carrying the object and how you will get there. Stand as close to the object as possible. Then kneel, resting one knee on the floor. Do not lift from a standing position with your waist bend or your knees locked. As strange as it’ll sound, start with your muscles being relax. One way to lift heavy objects with a knee resting on the floor. Have on knee on the floor, tighten your core muscle, abdomen, back and pelvis, and lift the object between your legs. Rest the object on the resting knee as you prepare to stand. While you are lifting the object, maintain the natural curve in your lower back and do not hold your breath. As you are standing up maintain that natural curve in your lower back and keep your core muscles tight. Use your leg muscles to lift the object, not your back.

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woman moving box getting back acheAnother form to lift objects from the floor is by squatting. Stand as close to the object as possible, with the object between your knees. Have your feet parallel or one foot staggered in front of the other. As you are grabbing the heavy box, tilt one edge to get a firm hold. Again, as you stand, keep the natural curve in your lower back and keep your core muscles tight. Let your legs do all the work.

If you kneel or squat to lift a heavy object from the floor, once you have stood up and ready to move, hold the object close to your body to decrease the strain on your lower back. Keep the core muscles tight. Do not twist your back to turn, move your whole body when carrying a heavy object from point A to pointed B. Turn by pivoting your feet. It’s similar to basketball, when pivoting your feet with the ball in your hands looking for an opening shot or pass.

women moving box getting back injuryAnother form of a common injury occurs is when your body is not close to the object. This means that when you are getting ready to lift your object, stand as close as you can to the object, while having a wide base. Being close to the object would be less stain to your back and shoulders when listing the object. To reassure that you have the adequate standing position, follow the instructions that are above, explaining the kneeling and squatting lifting positions. Experienced local Paradise Valley movers can help you with your stance.

Adding to the list on the common moving injures is not knowing your limits. When something feels too heavy to lift, do not lift the object by yourself. Get help, either from a friend or a family member. There is no shame in asking for help when moving heavy objects from point A to point B, or loading it to a truck. If it’s a furniture that you are trying to move, women moving couch getting an injury you might need more than one person to help you lift. Either you or the one person helping might pull a muscle or break a bone. Know your limits, use the right amount of hands and/or equipment to lift and load heavy items.

Moving is very stressful and chaotic. Doing the heavy lifting yourself is just asking for more stress and more chaos. Call a moving company for a quote. It might not be as expensive as you may think. Having professional interstate movers come to your home, lifting and loading the heavy objects and furniture will eliminate the risk of injuring your back and breaking a bone. If you are looking for a moving company in Arizona to lift and transfer your belongs across the city or to another state, contact A to Z Valley Wide Movers. Our movers will do all the heavy lifting while you!

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