Critical Questions to Ask Your Mover during a Cross-Country Move

5 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving across the country is a big event, and it can be both complicated and stressful. But hiring the right long distance movers can make the process a little easier. The moving company can be your guide, helping you to plan your move to keep everything organized and to stay on schedule. The Chandler moving company can also literally take the heavy lifting off your hands, ensuring that your belongings get to your new home safely and without you having to do a lot of work.

It’s important that you do your research and interview multiple movers so you can find the right company to provide the best experience for your move. Here are a few questions you need to ask when you are interviewing Chandler movers:

Critical Questions to Ask Your Mover during a Cross-Country Move

Will There Be Additional Charges?

You will get provide the moving company in Mesa with information about your move, such as how many bedrooms the size of your house is to anticipate the amount of belongings being moved, as well as the location of your new home to calculate distance. You’ll then get an estimate for how much your move will cost.

You need to ask about the potential for any additional charges that are not reflected in the estimate. For example, you may need to have empty boxes picked up, and that would be an additional cost. You need to understand what additional costs there may be so that you can properly plan your budget.

Who Is the Main Point of Contact?

The person who provides your moving estimate will not be the same person who shows up on moving day. If changes come up, you will need to know who to contact. For example, you may need to call the driver of the moving truck to let them know that the gate to your community will be closed because of unexpected work. You need to know the main point of contact in case you have questions or anything comes up.

Are there Any Items You Can’t Handle?

Moving companies in Chandler will be able to handle just about anything you have to be moved, like couches, beds, and other furniture and boxes. However, you may have specialty items that you need moved, and not all movers will be able to handle them. For example, items like pianos, large pieces of artwork, or specialty equipment may all require special handling. You need to find movers that have the skills and experience to handle whatever you have to move. But don’t assume! Always ask about what items the company can’t handle.

What Precautions are You Taking for COVID?

The coronavirus continues to be a serious threat, and we need to continue taking precautions. You need to find out what precautions the movers are taking. For example, will they all be wearing masks? Will they be loading or unloading while you are not present? Have the movers received COVID tests, or are they undergoing symptom monitoring? You need to know that the company is taking this risk seriously and is putting the right measures in place.

When Will My Belongings Be Delivered?

You will know what day your items will arrive, but you may not know exactly when. Ask the moving company serving Mesa to give you a time frame for arrival. Typically, the time frame will be a window of a couple of hours. You can stay in touch throughout the journey in case any delays arise.
Finding the right Mesa movers can ensure that you have the best moving experience. Spending some time researching in your area for the top long-distance movers, and make sure you ask them these and other questions to ensure that they are the right match for you.

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