Crucial Items to Trust Your Movers With

You should always hire a professional moving company in Gilbert when you move to a new home. The professionals will make the move faster and easier for you, and they’ll give you the peace of mind knowing that all your belongings are safe and will arrive in the new location in good condition. Yet, despite these benefits, many people look at the bottom line and try to handle their own move to save a few bucks. In the process, they end up costing themselves more in terms of broken belongings and a lot of stress and heartache. 

Even if you are thinking that you’d like to risk it and move your own things, you should think about hiring Gilbert professional movers to handle some of your more precious cargo. Some of your things are just too valuable to risk damage during a move. Here are a few crucial items you should trust with only the professionals: 

A to Z Valley Wide Movers worker packing cardboard boxes

Large Furniture

If you’ve ever tried to move a sectional sofa through a small doorway or up three flights of stairs, you know how difficult it can be. You also know how easy it can be to drop the sofa or to ram it into a wall or other part of your home. Trying to move any kind of large furniture is likely to land you with broken furniture or a big repair bill. 

It’s much better to hire professional movers in Ahwatukee  to handle your large furniture. The movers have the right tools to make the move easier and to ensure that your furniture will arrive safely. You’ll pay the movers, but you’ll save yourself on repairs and new furniture. 


Moving a refrigerator or a washer and dryer set is similar to moving that large sectional or other piece of furniture – except there is also technology and other parts inside. The damage can be much more expensive. Depending on how the appliance is damaged, you could also have a health problem on your hands, such as if a refrigerator starts leaking freon.

Again, hiring a professional moving company in Ahwatukee  can help you ensure your own safety and that of your appliances. 

Artwork and Heirlooms

Original artwork and heirlooms like special furniture or jewelry are just too precious to take any chances with. If you try to move these items yourself and make any mistake at all, you can cause permanent damage that will destroy their value. That original artwork may never be able to be restored. That grandfather clock your mother gave you will only be a memory. You grandmother’s engagement ring will never be able to be replaced.

Hire Gilbert professional movers who have the expertise and the tools to move these items safely. The professionals know exactly what is required to protect each of these special items specifically. 


A piano is a special case. It is large and heavy, and it has a lot of fine mechanisms inside that can be thrown off balance if the piano is not moved just right. Attempting to move a piano on your own can quickly result in damage that will be costly to repair, if it can be repaired at all.

You need to hire a mover that is specially trained in how to move a piano. Not only does the mover have to have the right equipment, including dollies and straps, but the mover also needs the specialty knowledge of the piano’s internal parts to know how to protect them. Check references for any mover you are considering hiring for your piano. 

The best choice you can make to have a safe and successful move is to hire a reputable moving company serving Gilbert. However, if you want to handle some part of the move yourself, at least make sure you hire a Gilbert moving company to handle your large and precious items. You’ll protect the investment you’ve made in your most important possessions, and you’ll give yourself peace of mind for your move. 

Call A to Z Valleywide Movers if you are moving in Arizona. We handle both residential and commercial moves, and we can safely move any type of item. Our experienced movers have the tools and the skills needed to move whatever you own. We can move you across town, across the state, or across the country. Call us today to learn more about our affordable moving services or to get an estimate for your move.

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