Don’t Forget these 7 Things Before you Move

Everything is ready to go. You’ve packed up all of your belongings and the house is empty, you’ve done it! You’ve even managed to get your cat’s medical records ready for the new vet. But there’s an issue, and it’s keeping you up at night thinking about it. You can’t shake the feeling that you must have forgotten something. Ignore this feeling and just keep packing. We’re going to go over 7 things that many San Tan Valley, Arizona movers forget to do or were unaware they had to take care of. This way you can rest assured that you’ve covered everything and you can relax in your new home, worry free.

dont forget these things before you move

First off, one month before you move you will need to make sure you cancel any recurring charges you may have. This may come in the form of a gym membership or subscription services. Either way, these charges have a tendency to fall by the wayside in the midst of a big move near Tempe Towne Lake. The bad news is that these charges will still accrue on your credit cards even while you’re in the middle of unpacking in your NEW home. So tackle this chore as soon as you can and give yourself a good month before the day of your last use as many gyms and services may require a 30 day notice to cancel the charges. If for some reason you’re unable to cancel a membership or transfer services to your new city then consider selling that membership online, yes, this is sometimes allowed. No matter what you do, don’t forget, as nobody wants an unexpected, unnecessary charge popping up. And if you have something as essential as mail-order medications tied to your card then be sure to change your billing address so that there is no interruption to your service as they could cancel if the address on file doesn’t match your new address.

A couple weeks before the move be sure to contact your car insurance company. The Department of Motor Vehicles strongly urges anybody who is moving to stay in close contact with their insurance carrier in order to avoid any lapse in service. Also, different states have different requirements for coverage so it would be a good idea to coordinate your move with your carrier. And even if it’s not an out of state move, rates and coverages can vary from city to city, so stay on top of that.

Two weeks before your move be sure to get a head start on officially changing your address. You may already know that the US Postal Service offers a service online to quickly and easily change your address. But this is in no way an excuse to wait for the last minute to complete the process. Experts at top Queen Creek moving companies say that to ensure your mail gets to your new home on time you’ll want to fill out the forms about two weeks before your moving day. This way you’ll be seeing your mail at your new address by the time you get there.

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One week before your move you are going to need to organize your finances. Many times there are financial tasks that go by the wayside in the process of moving. It can be really easy to lost track of all of your bills in the clutter of moving materials. This makes setting up some sort of system beneficial. You may want to set up auto pay for some of your monthly bills like rent, phone or mortgage. Contact your billing company to set these services up and you can breathe easy knowing you’re not forgetting an important bill. Designate a member of the household to be held responsible for making sure those bills get paid. And as always, you’re going to need to make sure that there is enough money in the bank account to help with any unexpected expenses associated with the move, like hiring a local San Tan Valley moving company.

The day before your residential move in the 85282 area, it would be a good idea to photograph all of your electronics. This is a nifty little trick to help you remember how to set them all up at your new home. All of the wires associated with all of your electronics are soon going to be a tangled mess inside of a box. Referencing the pictures is going to help you breeze through re-installing them at your new home and have your professional moving company in Tempe keep all the necessities together.

Be sure to wait to pack your plants until the day before your move. You may have a few plants that you want to make sure arrive at your new house. You don’t want your favorite plants left behind. So sit down and make a quick list of all the plants you want to make the trip. Keep the shovels away from the moving van until the last minute as you are going to need them to dig up the bigger plants. Be sure that you have the buckets necessary to transport your plants to the new address.

forgot movingAnd finally, pack a to go box. Fill this box with all the little things you may need that first night at your new home. Things like cleaning supplies, silverware, paper plates, towels, toilet paper and anything you think you might need that first night. It will save you from having to dig around in multiple boxes looking for small, essential items.

No matter where you’re moving you are going to need a San Tan Valley moving company you can trust with all of your stuff. That’s where AZ Valleywide Movers comes in. We’ve been in business for years and we’ve seen it all. Contact us today with any questions you might have in regards to your big or small move and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with honest, smart answers. We are your number one Arizona moving company.

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