Eco-Friendly Moving Tips for Your Arizona Move

Moving takes up a lot of natural resources and can negatively impact the environment. You have to use a lot of boxes and packing materials to safely move your things, and you have to use a lot of fuel for the truck (especially if you are making a long-distance move). And the more you move, the more your compound your influence.

But you can’t always avoid moving. What you can do is hire a Chandler moving company that can make eco-friendly modifications to reduce the carbon footprint of your move. Here are some of the things that you and your movers can do to have a more eco-friendly move:

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips for Your Arizona Move

Pare Down Your Things

The more things you own, the bigger the imprint your move is going to have. You will need more boxes and packing materials. You’ll need a bigger truck, which will use more gas. The weight on the truck will also be greater, which will cause the truck to consume more gas. Of course, you’ll also have to pay the Mesa moving company more.

You can save yourself money and do better for the environment by paring down your things so that you are only moving what you truly need and want. We all have belongings that no longer serve us, and when we move is usually when we start to notice what’s important and what’s not. You can plan ahead and get rid of the things you no longer want and need, making for a smaller move. You can give away the things, or you can raise a little money for your move by selling them.

Share a Truck

There won’t always be a truck that is perfectly sized for your move. One truck may be too small, but the next size up may be too big. If you’ve already pared down your things as much as you can, you may have no other choice than to get the bigger truck.

Rather than paying for the additional gas for a truck that isn’t even full, consider sharing a truck with another family in the same predicament. You can share the cost of the truck and fuel, and you can be sure that the gas you are burning is being put to maximum use. You won’t be wasting natural resources on a partially empty truck.

Use a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Fuel-efficient moving trucks are available. Ask your moving company in Tempe if they have a fuel-efficient truck available, and opt to use that for your move.

If you are driving to your new home that is far away, consider renting a fuel-efficient vehicle for the journey and having your other vehicle towed on the truck. Whatever you can do to bring down fuel usage will reduce your environmental impact.

Drive at Night

Driving at night can help to improve air quality by reducing your impact during ozone emission action days. You can reduce your carbon footprint by driving yourself to your new home at night and by asking your moving company in Phoenix to do the same (if they have this as an option).

You can also bring down your carbon footprint by driving at a safe speed. Trucks traveling 75 mph burn 27 percent more fuel than trucks traveling 65 mph. Driving slower not only consumers fewer natural resources, but it is also safer for everyone.

Taking what steps you can to reduce your carbon footprint make you a better environmental citizen and make the world a better place for us all. Consider taking these steps for your next move so that it is more eco-friendly. Work with a respected moving company serving Scottsdale to make the whole process much easier and to put your mind at ease.

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