Efficiently Moving Your Furniture Without Incident

Professional Movers Share Tips To Move Your Furniture Safely

You should always hire a professional moving company to handle your move. Yet many people try to skip this important step and handle their move themselves. In the process, they end up exhausting themselves and possibly even injuring themselves. Many people also end up damaging some of their belongings when they try to move themselves.

We always recommend hiring professional Phoenix movers to handle your move. However, if you absolutely must handle your own move, it’s important that you use these tips to move your furniture efficiently and safely:

A couple successfully moving their furniture in Gilbert, AZ.

Take Apart Everything You Can Move The Furniture Easier

You might not be able to take apart your couch, but you can certainly break down your dining room table into a top and four legs. Doing so will make it much easier to carry the furniture, which will reduce your burden and minimize your risk of hurting yourself or damaging your furniture.

Take apart all the furniture you can. Take off anything you can on larger items, as well. For example, you can likely take the “feet” off your couch, the shelves out of your bookcases, and the drawers out of your dresser. Taking any items off or out will make the furniture lighter and easier to carry. Removing some items, like the feet off the couch, can also make it easier to get through the door.

Organize Your Moving: Carefully Store & Label Hardware

When you do take things apart, make sure you set aside any screws, bolts, or other hardware that you removed. Make sure you put these items in their own bags or boxes, and label them carefully. You will need to put all these things back together again at your new place. It will be easy to lose hardware or to forget where it goes amid all the hustle and bustle of moving. Organize and label carefully so you know exactly where every nut and screw goes when you get into your new home.

The Best Furniture Protector: Blankets

No matter how careful you are, chances are good that you will accidentally bump into a wall, some cabinets, or other furniture when you are carrying your furniture. Or you might stack furniture in such a way that they end up scratching each other. You could end up with divots, deep scratches, and other damages on your furniture when you get to your new home.

You can protect your furniture by wrapping it in blankets specially designed for moving furniture. These are thin yet padded blankets that provide a layer of protection against the surface-level damage that is so common for furniture during moving.

Move Large Items Slowly & Carefully

No matter how strong you think you are, large pieces of furniture are heavy and unwieldy, and they can cause you to easily lose your balance. You could end up hurting yourself or putting your furniture into a wall or window, causing serious damage to your home.

Always move slowly and deliberately when you are carrying heavy or large furniture. Take numerous breaks along the way. It’s always better to take more time than to end up getting hurt or damaging your home.

Use The Right Moving Gear

There are plenty of tools that can help you move your furniture more easily and with less strain and risk to you. A hand truck, or dolly, can help you move furniture on wheels, instead of having to carry it. You can also use straps to leverage the furniture while you are carrying it or to hold it on to a hand truck. Usually, you can rent these tools at the same place that you rent your moving truck.

Following these tips will certainly help you to reduce your risk of accident if you want to handle your move yourself. However, the most effective thing you can do to have an easy move is to hire a professional Tempe moving company. Professional movers have the experience, skills, and tools to quickly move all of your belongings safely. They will get your things to your new home more quickly than you would, and there won’t be a single scratch on anything by the time they are done.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company In Gilbert, AZ

If you are planning a move, call A to Z Valleywide Movers in Gilbert to get a free quote for your local or long-distance move. Our experienced movers can handle any type of move, including residential and commercial moves. They can handle any size move, and they can move any item safely. We are a trusted and affordable moving company serving the entire Gilbert area for both local and long-distance moves. Contact us today to learn more.


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