Essential Move Out Day Tips For a Faster & Less Stressful Move

8 Tips To Make Your Moving Day a Seamless & Low-Stress Experience

Moving day is finally here! After weeks or possibly months of anticipation and planning your new job, decluttering your home, and packing up all of your belongings, it’s time for a smooth move to your new home.

However, even people who are organized can find themselves feeling overwhelmed when it comes time to move. There are many tasks that need to be carefully managed throughout moving day. Check out these tips from your local Chandler moving company on how to make your moving day a seamless and low-stress experience.

8 Tips To Make Your Moving Day a Seamless & Low-Stress Experience In Gilbert, AZ.

Tip #1: Review Your Moving To Do List

Since selling a home, buying a new home, planning for new schools and employment, and all the details associated with moving can be so time-consuming, it’s common for some tasks to be pushed to the side. To prevent hiccups on your moving day, keep a running list of things that need to be addressed before you leave your old home for the last time. Consider using a notepad app on your phone or keeping a pad of paper handy so you can write things down as you think of them.

Tip #2: Be Well Rested The Night Before You Move

Get to bed on time the night before you move so you are ready to get out of bed early on the day of your big move with Buckeye movers. Even though the excitement can make it difficult to sleep, do your best because moving day will be long and busy, and you’ll want to be prepared. If you are moving during the summer, you may also want to take advantage of the milder morning temperatures so you can avoid heavy lifting during the hot Arizona afternoons.

Tip #3: Dress Appropriately For The Moving Day

Even if Fountain Hills affordable moving company will be doing the lifting for you, you’ll still want to wear comfortable and suitable clothes for the big day. Avoid flip flops and other shoes that don’t work well for lots of walking and moving. Check the weather so you are prepared with a cooler outfit for hot weather or a light jacket in case it rains. If you’re moving in the winter, dress in layers and have a set of gloves available to keep your hands comfortable.

Tip #4: Plan Care For Children & Pets

Moving day is busy enough without having to worry about children or pets. Make arrangements ahead of time for someone to care for them, preferably at a location away from your old and new homes. Have pickup or drop off arranged for early in the morning so have the full day available to concentrate on the details of your move.

Tip #5: Finish Last-Minute Packing

Prepare the day before, and set aside time in the morning, to pack up the last few things you’ll need to move. Usually this includes toiletries, bedding, a few dishes, and some clothing. You’ll also want to have snacks, a water bottle, phone chargers, cleaning supplies, and similar items readily available for your first night in your new home. Ideally, you’ll move those things yourself separately in your vehicle so they are readily available.

Tip #6: Communicate With Your Movers

Whether you have professional El Mirage movers or a group of friends and family helping you, take time to greet everyone when they arrive. Make sure everyone has the address for your new home and take time to discuss your concerns or needs about the moving process. Be prepared to direct movers to rooms in your home and explain how to handle anything that needs special attention. Personal items or anything you want to move yourself should be collected in a specific area of your home away from everything else. Clearly label the pile and let your movers know that you will be handling those items yourself.

Tip #7: Prepare Supplies For Final Cleaning

As your possessions are moved out of your home, take some time to final cleaning. It’s helpful to keep cleaning supplies such as paper towels, glass and multi-purpose cleaner, gloves, a broom, a dustpan, and a small vacuum cleaner available in a designated box in your vehicle for cleaning the old house and your new home.

Tip #8: Do a Final Walkthrough

Once Gilbert local movers has loaded everything into the truck, perform a final walk through to check for anything left behind. Be sure to check all cabinets and closets, attics, storage sheds, and corners of the basement as well as scanning through each room of your old home. Finally, turn off all the lights, adjust the thermostat, and lock the doors and windows so the home is ready for its new occupants.

Once you’ve completed everything on your checklist, you’re ready to head to your new home and begin your new adventure!

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