Essential Packing & Moving Tips For Delicate Belongings

How To Pack For Fragile Items When Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences. You have to keep track of your finances and the logistical aspects of relocating objects. Plus, you also have to keep an eye on moving fragile possessions, but luckily for you, there’s a solution for that!

A Ahwatukee Moving Company shares below some tips for moving delicate belongings. This way, you can focus only on finances and logistics, and not an unexpected mishap associated with broken glass or ceramic mugs. 

How To Pack For Fragile Items When Moving

Plan Well Before Packing

You probably have many fragile objects and you want special methods of packing. That’s why you should focus on planning first.

Before packing anything, decide what delicate items you own and think of a strategy to pack those possessions. With the proper planning, you can protect your fragile possessions and make sure they arrive safely at the new place. 

Use Different Box Sizes

Boxes are probably the crucial tool for any moving project, so be sure of having them in different sizes. We recommend you pack heavier things into smaller boxes and lighter things in bigger boxes. When moving the boxes, make sure of putting the bigger ones on top. 

By having diverse size boxes, you can easily manage your space more efficiently while transporting the items in vehicles. This recommendation can save you a lot of effort when moving your things so that you don’t end up with broken boxes -or broken items, which is worse-.

Feel free to contact local movers in Avondale if you need help when translating your items. 

Use Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap To Protect Your Fragile Items

You need certain packing materials before moving. These materials are essential to protect your items, especially fragile ones. 

Packing paper is one of the most important because you can use it for wrapping your fragile possessions. You can use it as a shock-absorbing layer to fill empty spaces inside boxes and bags. 

Remember to add as many layers of protection as you want. Also, do not forget about bubble wrap; it adds more insulation to protect your items during transportation. Bubble wrap is particularly helpful for glassware and ceramic vases, as these items tend to break if treated wrong. 

Use Cardboard Around Certain Items

The oddly-shaped belongings, specifically the big ones, can be a bit tedious to move because they need the right size boxes. You may need to be very creative when packing these strange items.

The best you can do is wrap these fragile things until they are protected. Make sure the ends are well-covered to avoid accidents. After that, put the items on pliable cardboard and bend the cardboard carefully. 

Many Cave Creek movers also recommend placing additional pieces of cardboard on top of the fragile item while you bend the cardboard. Once you know your item is secure, tape liberally (you can wrap the entire item if necessary).

Make Sure Your Plates Are Vertically Packed

After covering fragile items in bubble wrap, secure them with tape and then store them in a box vertically to decrease the surface area. You can put crumbled packing paper beneath or on top of all the plates. Keep in mind to limit the amount of shaking during transportation by packing plates safely in place.

Pack Your Electronics In Their Original Boxes

Delicate electronic elements contain crucial data and files, so secure them by packing them in their original boxes. If that’s not possible, store them in boxes similar to the original ones. Take pictures of how your electronics are before you move so you know how to set them up once you establish in your new home.

We know that electronic items are one of the most expensive and fragile things when moving. Therefore, we recommend you read these recommendations on packing electronics according to trusted Phoenix local movers

  • Remove all batteries before packing the electronic items. 
  • Eject CDS, DVDs, and other media before packing. 
  • Remove printer and toner cartridges before packing.
  • Remove cables and other items from all your electronic items before packing them. 
  • Use bubble wrap to wrap large electronic items like TVs and Laptops.
  • Do not use newspapers to protect screens because they can scratch them.

Tips For Packing Glassware

Glassware is also challenging to pack, so here are some tips to safely pack it: 

  • You can use flexible cardboard to wrap glass items. First, measure it well by wrapping the objects temporarily. Once wrapped, mark the size with a marker and cut the cardboard according to the mark. Roll the items with the cardboard again, but now secure them with strong tape.
  • Use bubble wrap with your glass items. Wrap the fragile object carefully and use sturdy tape to secure it.
  • You can also put glass items at one end of your pre-cute piece of cardboard. Then, roll them up tightly and secure them with packing tape.
  • Do not forget to label your boxes with fragile items as “FRAGILE” and ask your Chandler moving company to be careful with those boxes. 

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