Fraudulent Moving Practices & What To Watch Out For

Just like with every business transaction, there’s always the potential for deceitful moving practices that some moving companies try to inflict on their customers without shame. Whether it’s making off with some of your belongings or charging ridiculous prices for standard or even minimal moving services, there are plenty of scams out there that you would do well to avoid. But knowing what to watch out for and spotting the red flags is the trick. As a trusted Queen Creek moving company, A to Z Valleywide Movers is here to help you identify a moving scam when one presents itself.

Spot The Early Warning Signs

Seeing an amazing price for moving services is one of the first ways you can spot a scam. Some deceitful moving companies tend to advertise very basic moving services at the lowest possible price. There is never any detail about their services and no elaboration. Without any paperwork or binding agreements on their services, it leaves potential for the price to go up when contingencies in the move are encountered such as loading route distance, stairs, and other factors. That’s how the price can skyrocket, leaving you to either pay, or run the risk of losing half your belongings. A trusted Tempe mover always provides a detailed pricing agreement before moving day so that you know exactly what your money is paying for. Never trust those ‘too good to be true’ deals.

Research Reputable Moving Companies

The mark of a good moving company near Tempe is their presence on consumer review websites such as Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google, and tons of others. Every business’s main goal is to build credibility with their customers, meaning that they will do everything in their power to provide a good customer experience for them as well as provide them with high quality products and services. Check for top-rated moving companies in Queen Creek or Tempe. Make sure they have a fair amount of good reviews, but also be careful of any companies with nearly perfect scores. This could mean that their reviews aren’t authentic.

Another indication of a good Tempe moving company is contact with a move coordinator or an office manager of some sort. This person’s job is to ensure that your move goes smoothly as it can and that you get the positive experience you’re looking for. However, as with any situation, problems with your move aren’t altogether unavoidable. It’s the moving coordinator’s job to remain updated through the moving process and make sure that they can resolve any issues the movers encounter such as furniture not fitting properly or a delay in access to the new home. If your moving company has someone like this available, you know you’ll be taken care of.

Preventing a Moving Mishap

The best way to avoid moving scams is to plan ahead. Especially if you’re moving during the busy season, you’ll be able to give yourself more time for researching moving companies, as well as booking early so that you have many more options available to you. You can get estimates, meet with the movers, check out their reviews, and discuss your needs with them at length. A Tempe moving company is responsible for everything you own, and it’s only natural that you should take as many precautions as possible when having someone handle your belongings.

What if it’s too late?

If something goes wrong with your move or if you suspect you’re the victim of their thoughtless scam, it’s important to take down names and information about the company. Record the name of the office manager, and use them as your point of contact in the event that something with your move isn’t right. You should also take special care to get the contract signed by the parties involved. This will give you a minimum value of protection as well as stating the value of the items being moved. If your move goes awry and the company you’ve selected refuses to accept the blame and make amends, the Better Business Bureau is a great resource for consumers. They will seek accountability from the moving company, and if they aren’t accredited, you can always take to social media.

When you are in need of a qualified, reputable moving company in Phoenix that provides high quality moving services throughout Queen Creek, Tempe, and surrounding cities in the Valley, look no further than A to Z Valleywide Movers. We have five star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Home Advisor, as well as an A+ rating with the BBB, making our North Phoenix movers the most trusted in the Valley. To get a free quote for your Mesa commercial move or residential relocation, contact A to Z Valleywide Movers today at 602-422-6409.

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