How To Help Your Kids Adjust After Your Long-Distance Move

4 Tips To Make a Move Easier For Your Children In Arizona

Moving can be a stressful process for anyone; it is even harder for kids, who do not have any control over the process and who may feel completely helpless. They won’t get to see their friends, they’ll have to change schools, and they won’t see any of the familiar places or people they like.

Though there are likely many positive things you can point out to your kids about your move, it will take some time for your kids to adjust. After the movers have unloaded and drive away, the real work will begin. Here are a few things you can do to help your kids adjust after a long-distance move:

Tips To Make a Move Easier For Your Children In Gilbert, AZ

Establish a Familiar Routine For Your Children

We all need a sense of routine, but for kids, this is especially true. Routine helps them to make sense of their world and to feel safe. You can help your kids start feeling better and more at home in the new place by establishing a familiar routine as soon as possible. Stick to the same mealtimes and bedtimes as you had before. Try to do a lot of the same things you did every day when you lived in your previous home.

Introduce necessary changes one at a time, if possible, and make sure they soon become routine. For example, you may have to institute a new wake-up time to accommodate a new school schedule. Let your kids know about it ahead of time, and start following the schedule as soon as you can when you get in the new home.

Visit Their New School Before They Start

A new school will be the biggest part of your children’s new lives. You can ease their anxiety and make the start of school much easier on your kids by arranging for them to visit the school before they have their official start. If possible, bring them to the school to meet their teacher, to see their new classroom, and to walk around the school a bit.

Spend some time playing on the playground or in the gym if you can, also. They can start associating positive feelings with the new place when they start meeting new teachers and friends later.

Sign Them Up For Sports Or Other Kids Activities

If your kids were involved in sports or other activities before your Tempe move, you should plan to sign them up for these activities in the new place as soon as you can. It will give them the chance to do something they like while also meeting potential new friends.

If your kids were not involved in these activities before, your move might offer a good time for them to start. Sports and other activities will give them the chance to meet new people and start building friendships, which will make it easier to adjust to the move. Think about the things they like and find activities that match up.

Go Meet The Neighbors Together

Your neighborhood is your home base. If there are children there, they can become your children’s first friends. You can make this transition a little easier by going with your children to meet the neighbors. While the adults are talking, the children can start warming up to each other and chatting.

Even if the neighbors don’t have any kids, it is still helpful for children to learn about the people who live nearby and to learn some friendly faces.

Kids may have a hard time with a long-distance move, but doing these things can help them adjust so that they soon start seeing their new place as their new home. When the kids adjust, that also makes it easier for you to settle in and start feeling like the new place is home.

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