How the heck do I move this?

Perhaps you own a six foot tall bronze horse sculpture (let’s hope not for everyone’s visual sake), a headboard that your great great great grandfather made out of antique clothespins, or maybe you brought the ocean a little bit closer to home and own a 460 gallon aquarium full of thousand dollar fish. Regardless, you may wonder what impending doom the items face in a moving truck, or what sort of box could possibly fit a bronze horse in it, dismantled, broken into smaller pieces – instructions for reassembly and all. Then along came this blog and your moving issues in Arrowhead were solved.

How To Move Fragile Gilbert AZ Items When MovingAt A to Z Valley Wide Movers our San Tan Movers have encountered some unique items and have had to get pretty clever (successfully) for moving our clients most precious antiques, learning the nuances of moving boxes of mint condition 1874 baby bottles (is that even a thing?) and the eleven purple salt and pepper shakers you just cant get rid of. Not only has Arizona taught us a whole load of things about being a Chandler moving company in the desert, but encountering awkward shaped things along the way has helped us hone in our ‘weirdly shaped moving’ skills. Because that IS a thing.


AKA Dory fish. Those are probably in your fish tank, and interestingly enough – the store you bought her from will more than likely hold on to all of your finned friends during your move.

Aquariums can be tricky, and more importantly, valuable. Many movers in Glendale will carry glass-specific boxes in their storefronts. Moving companies often carry stronger boxes for situations like this, and if that weren’t to meet your needs, A to Z Valley Wide Movers and their Queen Creek movers are more than able to pack and secure large items like aquariums to get your fish palace safe and sound to your next home.

Fragile Items Like Chandeliers

Your best option is to create your own box. Not like compacting paper to create an uber-strong malleable cardboard (although that’d be awesome), but taping together larger boxes to protect the entirety of the chandelier may be the best option for safe moving.

House Plants and Trees

Smart Tips For Moving House PlantsLarge houseplants or trees can become just as big of a part of the family as the clown fish in your aquarium, or the dog.

We recommend trying to imitate where the plant lives now. For example, if your home is always at 75 ish degrees, turn the air conditioning on in the truck and let your plant ride shot gun. If you have more than a few miles, or across town, to go, dampen paper towels or newspapers and wrap them around the leaves and trunk of the plant. This way the humidity will stay up and there won’t be as much of a shock. If moving it in the back of the mover truck is the only option, put the plant in the shower. Let cool water run on it for a few minutes, five to seven, and let it drain in the shower for some time after. This will remove the dust from the moving truck, give it a good dose of hydration and will act like a shot of Five Hour Energy for photosynthesis.

Your favorite moving company A to Z Valley Wide Movers in Gilbert has plenty of moving blankets, padding, bubble wrap or the think brown paper padding that you may have seen used for packing artwork. Household blankets or extra couch cushions can help too – if you tape the padding (regardless of what it is) around the glass and most fragile parts of the item then you can shove boxes under and around the item once in the truck.

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Well that’s obvious, but for precious items that moving boxes may not do the job for such as large musical instruments or antiques, most of the time these items deserve their own truck load for relocation. Giving the organ or antique jewelers table enough space to add a mattress or couch cushions in between can preserve the integrity of the pieces you love.

A to Z Valley Wide movers in the 85305 area is used to packing, loading and unloading crazy shaped items. Arizona’s greatest moving challenge is no match for the professionals at A to Z!

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