How To Properly Pack Your Books For a Safe Move

How To Keep Your Books Protected During The Moving Process

If you’re a book lover, you want to make sure that your precious library makes it to your new home without incident. Unfortunately, improperly packed books are a common cause for accidentally messes in moving trucks. Nothing is worse than arriving at your new home only to discover torn pages or bent spines in your beloved books! To keep your books protected during your moving process, follow these tips from your Gilbert moving company.

How To Properly Pack Your Books for a Safe Move

Tips For Properly Packing Books:

  • Look for cardboard boxes that are strong, but not big. Books are heavy, and if you fill a large box with them, it will become difficult to lift. Large boxes filled with heavy books are likely to fall apart during your move.
  • Line your cardboard boxes with packing paper. This will protect the binding of your books, especially when they have slipcovers.
  • Put the heaviest books into the boxes first. 
  • Place books flat in the boxes. Packing your books vertically leaves them vulnerable to damage when other boxes are placed on top. If your boxes are large enough, you should be able to fit two separate stacks of books. 
  • Don’t overfill your moving boxes. Be sure to leave a 1-2 inch gap between the top book and the lid of your box. 
  • Fill in the gaps. Use old newspaper, clothing, bedding, or towels to prevent your books from shifting around.
  • Be generous with packing tape. It can be helpful to wrap tape around the box several times to help secure the books in place and prevent damage. Boxes may rip open if they are not properly sealed.
  • Be sure to clearly label your boxes. Gilbert local movers appreciate when your boxes are labeled as “books” so that they know how heavy they may be and where they are best placed inside the moving truck. 

Boxes Of Books Can Be Really Heavy!

If you overfill a box with books, you may find it becomes impossible to lift, or at least difficult to handle carefully. Sometimes, a box overfilled with heavy books can become extremely awkward to handle, making them more likely to be dropped or avoided by your friends who are helping you to move. Carrying even a few very heavy boxes of books on a busy moving day can cause strain or pain in your back. One of the best solutions is to hire Gilbert long distance movers to do the heavy lifting for you, so you can relax and have the energy to reshelve your favorite books in your new library or living room! 

Long Term Storage Of Books

Sometimes, moving processes become delayed, or you may find yourself in a temporary living situation while you wait for your home sale to go through. In these situations, it’s best to pack your books for storage and have a plan of where they will go during this time. Here are some packing tips for when you need to put your books away for weeks or months: 

  • Use the most suitable packing materials and the right sized boxes for longer term book storage. Follow the tips above for fitting everything carefully into boxes and protecting them from being jostled during the moving process. 
  • Choose a good storage location. Humidity and pests will destroy your books, so make sure that whatever location you choose has good humidity control and is free of pests such as moths, mice, and silverfish. The longer your books are in storage, the higher the risk of damage from the environment. 
  • Evaluate your storage area for rodents. This is especially a risk if you are storing books in a basement. Mice and rats have a continuous need to chew and will have no problem destroying your cardboard boxes and books. Consider containers that are more resistant to rodents, such as small plastic storage totes.
  • Provide additional storage support. If you work with a El Mirage affordable moving company, your books will be stored in a storage container. If you choose to store your books yourself, consider using a sturdy shelf or other support so that you can avoid putting pressure on top of your boxes. Too much pressure can cause your books to bend or weaken the bindings. You’ll also want to fill free space in your boxes with padding or cloth. If you’re not sure about your storage provider’s techniques, consider using a plastic tote or metal box for the best protection.
  • For long term storage, pack your books with the spine down. This will prevent bending and damage to the pages from insufficient support. 

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