How To Pull Off An Efficient Social Distance Move

Tips On Moving During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed the way we do just about everything. But it hasn’t brought our lives to a halt. We still have to work, our children still have to go to school, and we still have to tend to our needs. People also still have to move – whether for jobs, for family changes, or just to take advantage of new opportunities.

Hiring a professional moving company should always be a priority for any move as it allows you to put the hard work in the hands of professionals, making the process much easier for you. However, you might be hesitant to do so because of the pandemic and the risk of exposure to the virus. Instead of canceling your move or even trying to move your things yourself, here are a few things you can do to make your move socially distant and safe for all:

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Take A 3D Virtual Tour

Many realtors are making it easier for you to view prospective homes safely. They are limiting the number of people at open houses, putting out hand sanitizer, and cleaning surfaces between visits. However, if you are not comfortable with these options, you can have a completely contact-less visit by taking a 3D virtual tour.

Most homes now offer a 3D virtual tour, which includes extensive photography of the home that allows you to digitally “walk through” it, as if you were there in person. You can get a good look at the home and all its details without ever entering the space and exposing yourself to risk.

Order Moving Supplies Online

Curbside pickup is available for just about everything now, and that includes moving supplies. You can go online to order supplies like packing boxes, tape, foam, and bubble wrap, and you can schedule an appointment to pick all that up curbside. You pay for your items online, and then you pull up and let the person put the items in your trunk. In some cases, you pick the items up from a lock box. You never have to get close to anyone.

You might also consider ordering your moving supplies online and having them delivered to your home. It takes some of the steps out, and reduces your risk even more.

Develop No-Contact Strategies With The Movers

Professional moving companies are taking many steps to keep their movers and their customers safe. Talk to your moving company in Gilbert about what strategies are being employed to limit contact. That might include using a zoom call or a quick video tour of your home to provide you with an estimate. Or, if you hire the company to pack for you, that might mean limiting the movers to one area of your home at a time, with the doors staying closed and no movement taking place between rooms.

On move day, your movers can do their work while you stay offsite or just remain at a distance while they are in your home. If you stay on site, it’s best if you choose an area outside and remain there for the duration of the work. Stick to waves and elbow bumps in place of handshakes.

Isolate During Travel

If you are moving across state, the best way for you to get yourself to your new home is to drive. Public transportation is just not safe. To make your road trip safe, you should also plan ahead so that you don’t need to go into public places often during your travel. That means packing meals and snacks that you can enjoy in the car or on a roadside picnic, rather than going into stores or restaurants (even drive throughs have risks).

Consider camping instead of staying at hotels. If you must stay at hotels, choose hotels that have positive reviews for their sanitation practices. Stick to your room when you are in the hotel, and wash your hands frequently.

If you have to stop for a bathroom break, make sure you always wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer.

Quarantine In New Home

Even by taking precautions, you cannot reduce your risk to zero. Therefore, when you arrive in your new home, it’s best if you quarantine for 14 days. Doing so will prevent the risk of getting other people sick if you have been exposed to the virus during your travels. If you do develop symptoms of illness, talk to your doctor about what steps you need to take next.

While the coronavirus pandemic has certainly created a need for enhanced safety, it has not put a stop to the things we need to do. If you have a moving coming up, follow these steps to ensure that it is a safe one for you, your movers, and your new neighbors.

A to Z Valleywide Movers in Gilbert is practicing social distancing and other measures to keep our movers and our customers safe during this pandemic. We are committed to offering the same great service despite these challenges. We handle both local moves and long distance moves of any size. We are an affordable moving company offering both residential and commercial moving services, as well as storage. Call us in Gilbert today to get a free quote.


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