How To Safely Pack & Transport Mirrors When Moving

A Step-By-Step Guide To Packing Mirrors For Moving

Packing for a move is a lot of work and there is always more stuff to move than you think. Some items pack up easily, but others take more effort. When it comes to breakables, the small ones can be wrapped up and placed into boxes, but bulkier items like mirrors aren’t so simple.

Your Gilbert moving company will tell you there are many steps you can take to ensure your mirrors arrive at the new place in one piece. The process includes lots of tape and protective covering, but specific methods work better than others for complete protection.  

How to Safely Pack & Transport Mirrors When Moving

How To Prevent a Shattered Mirror Mess With Masking Tape

Many people forget this essential step when packing their mirrors. Although the goal is to keep your mirror from breaking, sometimes it still happens. There is a helpful way to prevent a shattered mess in the moving truck if the unfortunate does happen.

With masking tape on hand, place several strips on your mirror in an X shape. If your mirror does break, this tape will ensure the pieces stay stuck to the tape and don’t fall all over in a shattered mess. If your mirror is framed, this also adds protection to the frame.

Protecting The Corners Of Your Unframed Mirror

The weak points in your mirror that are essential to protect are the corners. If you have a framed mirror, you do not have to worry about this step since the frame does the protecting for you. However, if your mirror is unframed, it is more susceptible to corner damage. 

As you prepare for moving, buy corner protectors made from either rubber or cardboard to place on your mirror to keep it safe while your movers pack it into the truck. If you forgot this step and are unable to buy corner protectors, you can simply cut up cardboard and secure it to the corners.

Put Cardboard On Your Mirror For More Resistance

Once your mirror is shatter-resistant and the corners are reinforced, the next step is to cover your mirror in cardboard. This protects it against scratches and makes it more resistant to breakage.

If you are looking to purchase a special box for covering your mirror, the best option is a telescoping picture box. This box is flat and fits all mirror sizes as it expands. However, if you don’t want to spend the money or you forgot, you can cut two pieces of cardboard roughly 1.5” larger than the mirror and tape them to the front and back. When taping, be sure to wrap the tape around both vertically and horizontally.

Put Towels Or Bubble Wrap Over Your Mirror

Once your mirror is secured with cardboard, long-distance movers will also recommend wrapping your mirror in towels, sheets, or bubble wrap. Mirrors can be extremely breakable so the added protection is worth it. Use towels or sheets that maybe you need to pack anyway to save on box space! 

Whether you choose towels, sheets, or bubble wrap, ensure you have even coverage over your entire mirror. Secure the soft material by using packing tape wrapped around both vertically and horizontally.

Packing Your Mirror In Styrofoam Or Cushion Foam

As an alternative to wrapping your mirror in cardboard and then a soft material, you could opt to pack your mirror in ¼” thick styrofoam or sheets of cushion foam. These materials are fantastic at protecting breakables. 

Using your styrofoam or cushioned foam sheets, line the back and front of your mirror, securing it with tape. Once the mirror is sufficiently covered in your foam, layer your cut cardboard on top and wrap it in tape both vertically and horizontally. 

How To Label a Mirror For Moving So Your Movers Know To Handle It With Care

The final step in the packing process is to label your mirror. Your local movers will always be careful with your items, but seeing that your packed item is labeled as a mirror, they will take extra care and be sure to load it on the truck appropriately. 

When labeling, be sure you write boldly and on all sides. You can mark that it is a mirror, but more importantly, label it as FRAGILE. At this point, you have done everything in your power to protect your mirror!

How To Transport a Mirror Vertically To Prevent Breakage

If you hire your moving company to load your things onto their truck, they will ensure to keep your mirror upright the entire time. Carrying and setting the mirror down horizontally can make it more susceptible to breakage.

If you are packing your mirror, be sure to do the same. Carry it out vertically and carefully pack it vertically on your moving vehicle. A helpful place to put it is in between already packed boxes that can add extra support.

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