How to Thin Out Your Belongings for a Lighter Move

Moving is not for the faint of heart. It can be stressful and physically draining. The more things you have to move, the more taxing and exhausting the process is going to be. By minimizing your belongings, you can cut down on what needs to be moved, which will make your move faster and cheaper.

When you move into a new home, you likely find a lot of things you no longer need anyway. Why not cut out these items before you have to pack and move them? Here are a few tips for thinning out your belongings for a lighter move in Chandler.

Moving Boxes

Start with the Easy Things

You’ve been meaning to get rid of those old clothes for a long time. And you know that you want to donate that stack of old encyclopedias. Now is the time to do those things. Don’t put it off until you reach your new home.

Go around your house and grab up all the things that you know you don’t need or that you want to donate. Opt for donating or giving away things instead of selling them, if you can. Selling items is going to take extra time and effort, and that can overwhelm the moving process. Make things as easy on yourself as you can.

Make Logical Choices

We all keep things for far longer than we should or than we want to because we feel obligated to keep things, feel guilty for throwing them out, or feel some emotional attachment to them. If you are lingering over an item, it’s a good idea to think about what you are feeling. Are you hesitating because you don’t really want it, but you feel guilty about getting rid of it because your mom gave it to you for your birthday? Or do you feel like you need to save it because you “might” use it one day?

You need to put aside those feelings and make decisions about your things logically. If the only reason you’re keeping something is guilt, you don’t need it. If you think you’ll use something “one day,” you’re not using it now. Focus on the things you actually use and want.

Consider the Cost-Benefit

When you move a long distance, the cost of moving everything adds up quickly. You need to weigh the cost of moving your items against the benefits you get from them, and find out which has more impact.

For example, you may have an upright piano that you play on holidays and maybe a few times throughout the year. Is that infrequent use enough to justify the thousands of dollars it will take to move it? Can you just buy a new piano for less when you get to your new home? Doing these kinds of cost-benefit analyses will help you make more rational choices about which belongings to keep or not.

Think about New Life

Many people hang onto things because they don’t want to throw them away. They think those items will be wasted. It’s true that if you throw items away, they will be wasted. However, if you donate, give away, or sell your items, they will actually be given new life with someone else who will use or treasure them. Don’t feel bad about letting go of things that no longer work for you. Think instead about the new life those things will have – as well as the new life you will have free of clutter.

Moving can be much less stressful and much less expensive if you minimize the amount of things you have to move. You won’t spend as much time packing, and you won’t have to sweat it out carrying box after box to the moving truck or the new house. If you are hiring a moving company in Chandler, minimizing things will help you to expedite your move and save a lot of money in the process.

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