How You Can be Productive while the Movers are Moving

Moving is stressful, no matter how you do it. Hiring professional movers can make the process much easier. You can leave the packing and the hard work to the professionals, and you can relax knowing that they have everything under control.

Because there is so much to do, you may feel a little tense or anxious when the movers are doing their work and you have “nothing to do” but watch. You shouldn’t be directing them or getting in their way because that will just slow them down. So what do you do? Here are a few things you can do to stay productive while the movers are doing their jobs:

Men Carrying Boxes

Get Refreshments

No matter what the weather is like when you move, your movers are going to work up a sweat – and an appetite. Though you are not required to do anything for them, it is nice to offer them some refreshment while they work, such as water or other drinks. Since you have likely packed everything up, you can head out to the store or a local eatery to pick up some drinks or other refreshments. Your family will likely also enjoy some snacks while they are taking care of other moving tasks.

Pack Items in Your Car

Your movers should be able to pack or load everything you have to be moved. However, you may feel better packing small, valuable items in your own vehicle, such as your fine jewelry or the crystal your mother gave you for your wedding.

Fragile, valuable, and sentimental items are all good candidates for moving in your own vehicle. You can use the time that the movers are working on your larger belongings to pack these smaller items.

Clean Up

You will need to do some cleaning up after your belongings are cleared, no matter how much you tried to clean while you were packing. You’ll be shocked at how much dust and dirt has collected under and behind your furniture. You’ll either have to clean that to satisfy your landlord or to make your house look nice for potential buyers.

Don’t get in the way of the movers trying to clean. Wait until they clear a room, and then start cleaning it. Or keep one room empty and you can start cleaning as soon as the movers arrive.

Prepare the New House

You can’t start sorting your things or unpacking until the movers are done with their work. But you can start cleaning up and getting the place ready. You may need to vacuum and mop the floors, or you may need to sanitize the refrigerator. Or the inside might look great, but the yard needs some work. Cleaning everything before the movers arrive is ideal so that you don’t have to move furniture and other items out of the way later.

You never know what condition the previous tenants or owners left the house in, so don’t assume that it will be move-in ready when you arrive. Plan to arrive a bit before the movers if you can so that you can get things ready.

Making the most efficient use of your time will make you feel empowered during your move, which will reduce your stress and help you get a jump start on the long to-do list that comes with moving. Spend some time before your move researching your options so that you can find the best movers. You’ll feel much more confident about your move, and everything will go more quickly and more smoothly.

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