Keeping Your House Organized after Moving In

Moving can be chaotic. Once you are in your new home, you may struggle to find the things you need. You may open box after box, frantically searching for some important item, never to find it when you need it. Then you may trip over boxes and piles of your things while you are trying to just walk from room to room. Even long after you move, you may struggle to find things or continue to have piles of items that aren’t yet sorted.

With a little planning, you can avoid dealing with this kind of mess and frustration. Here are a few things you can do to keep your house organized after you’ve moved in:

Keeping Your House Organized after Moving In

Pack by Room

Your organization starts long before you actually move. If your things aren’t organized when you leave your old house, how do you expect them to be organized when you get to your new one? As you prepare to pack your things, start sorting through your rooms to decide what you really want and need. Either sell or donate the things that are no longer useful or wanted. You will have fewer things to pack and organize.

Once you are ready, pack each of your rooms individually. Don’t mix items in the boxes. Then label each box clearly – stating not only what is inside each box but to which room the box belongs. You may even consider using colored labels to know where the boxes go on sight.

Create a Floor Plan

Before you make the big move, go to your new home and create a quick floor plan. Label each room in the house on the floor plan. You will give this plan to the movers so that they will know where to put each of the boxes you have labelled. That way, when you move in, everything will already be in the proper place.

You should also label your furniture by room, or create a master list of pieces that should be in each room. This will also make your moving day go faster and more smoothly.

Ask the Movers to Put the Furniture in Place

Any reputable Gilbert movers will ask you where you want your furniture when they bring it in to your new place. However, some will just drop it wherever they can and leave it to you to sort out later. Make sure you ask your movers to put all the furniture exactly where you want it set up, not just in the room where you want it. Therefore, you should ask your movers to put the couch exactly where you want it in the living room, not just in the living room itself.

Taking this step will save you time and ensure that each room is ready for unpacking. You won’t have to untangle the boxes from the furniture to get started.

Unpack Room by Room

The more you unpack at once, the more items you will have lying around and potentially creating a huge, chaotic mess. If you unpack willy nilly throughout the house, you’ll end up with items lying on countertops, resting in piles on the ground, and so on. Things will be everywhere, making it hard for you to find what you need or to even walk from one room to the next.

Instead, you should unpack room by room, ensuring that you have only enough items out at one time to handle. You’ll be able to stay focused, ensuring that you put items away in a more organized manner and that things will be put into a system that you can maintain in the long term.

Get Rid of Boxes Right Away

When you unpack a box, you likely break it down and throw it in a pile. A lot of people end up with piles of boxes and packing paper all over their house for a long time after they are settled in. It creates a lot of clutter, and it keeps things unorganized. You can get organized right away and stay that way by getting rid of those boxes and packing materials right away. Take them straight to a recycling dumpster, or give them away through a local site like Freecycle or Craig’s list. Someone always needs moving boxes, so you won’t have any trouble finding a home for them.

Moving can be chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be. One way you can make it a little easier is to get organized and stay that way. Following these tips will help you stay organized long after your move.

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