Moving and Storage to the Rescue: How Your Movers Can Help When Plans are Delayed

Common Moving Problems & How a Professional Moving Company Can Assist

Moving doesn’t always go as planned. Many unexpected things happen, usually to cause minor nuisances. For example, you may drop a box full of valuables on the way to the truck. Or the technician may show up a week late to hook up your new Internet. Or you may not be able to get your moving truck until two days later than you expected.

Hiring a good moving company in Chandler will help you avoid some of these mishaps. Professional movers will get your things safely to your new home, and they will show up on time. However, there are some things beyond your control and your mover’s control that could delay you. When some of these things happen, your Chandler movers can come to the rescue. Here are a few examples:

Moving and Storage to the Rescue: How Your Movers Can Help When Plans are Delayed

Your Closing is Delayed

You may be buying a new home and planning your move around the closing date. But what happens if the closing is delayed? You may have already closed on the sale of your other home or you may have already ended the lease on your apartment. You may need to find short-term housing, such as staying at a hotel or even bunking with a relative. But what do you do with all your stuff?

Your movers can help. The right Mesa moving company will also offer storage. Your movers can move your things right into storage, and when your new home is finally ready, they will move your things from storage right into the new house. The entire process will be seamless for you – at least on that end. You won’t have to worry about moving all your things into transitional housing and then moving everything again into your new house. Your Mesa movers will handle all that for you.

You Can’t Find Temporary Lodging

You may already know that there will be a gap between when you move out of your old place and when you’ll be able to move into the new place. You may have set up temporary lodging, such as a short-term lease at an apartment. But many landlords will prioritize renting to someone who plans to stay for the long term, and you may find that you are unceremoniously bumped from your spot.

You may be able to find fast lodging at an extended stay hotel or by renting a room. But in both cases, you won’t need your furniture. Your Chandlers movers can easily store your things, and in most cases, they will do it for less than an independent storage facility. They’ll also handle the hassle of moving the things in and out of the facility for you.

Inclement Weather or a Natural Disaster Occurs

You never know when Mother Nature will strike. A winter storm could come through and blanket the area with heavy snow and ice. A hurricane could roll through suddenly, or even a tornado. There could even be a fire at your new home or a flood. You never know what could happen.

If any of these things happen, your movers can handle the delay and ensure that you have the storage options you need. Your mover in Mesa will quickly reschedule your move as needed, and can coordinate storage if it is needed.

Hire a Professional Moving Company in Mesa

Plan for what you can in your move, but know that things can happen that you don’t expect. The best way you can prepare for that is to hire a reputable moving company in Mesa that is ready to handle all your needs, including offering storage solutions when your move is delayed.

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