Mesa Moving Day Prep Tips from the Pros!

Mesa Moving Day Prep Tips from the Pros!

Mesa Moving Day Prep Tips from the Pros!

Here is a compilation of top expert tips to making your moving day a success story.
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Moving to another part of town, another city or even cross country can be excited and scary at the same time. One thing is certain; the better you are prepared, the smoother your move will go. Plus the farther you are moving, the more prepared you need to be.

While your experienced Mesa moving professionals can complete any task for you from wrapping, packing to loading and unloading, unpacking etc, there are some things that you will have to take care of to ensure a relaxed and smooth moving experience. Here is a compilation of top expert tips to making your moving day a success story:

Check your Items

No matter if you are moving on your own or have hired a professional moving company in Mesa, you should make an inventory list. Not what items are being packed and moved and the condition they are in. This will help you to keep track of your belongings and make sure that everything arrived at your final destination. Your moving company Mesa 85207 has insurance in case items get lost or damaged; do not be afraid to contact them, if you discover any problems upon arriving at your new home or place of business.

Got Papers?

Make sure you have all the documentation you need. Starting with the inventory sheet of your items, moving contract, health and car insurance, car papers, emergency contacts and so forth. If you travel by air or train make sure you have the tickets and any other documentation required. Also get the bill of lading from the drivers and compare it with the services you ordered. If you have any questions talk to the driver or a customer service specialist.

Prepping your Current Home for Moving

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In the excitement this is a part that often goes overlooked. Your current location has to be prepared for moving as well. That includes organization of packed and unpacked items for the movers in Peoria to pack up and take away. Of course, you will also have to give your soon to be former home a good cleaning. If you are renting this may be the difference between getting the deposit back-or not. If you sold your home, it is still a nice gesture to clean the house for the new owners. You would not want to move in a messy house as well. For that purpose we recommend that you leave cleaning supplies such as multi-purpose cleaner, vacuum, bucket and mop, paper towels, trash bags, broom and the likes unpacked.

Do a final walk through to make sure that nothing is left behind and that no walls, windows or doors got damaged when moving out your furniture and belongings. If you find damage contact your moving company in the 85382 area (if you suspect them to have caused the damage) or make alternate repair arrangements.

Personal Items

It is easy to forget personal items when you are getting ready for a move, but they can be among the most important items you will need. If your move is taking more than a day (or even if it isn’t) make sure you have toiletries such as toothbrush, shampoo, soap, a spare roll of toilet paper, brush and other necessities packed. An extra set of clothes for each family member never hurts either, it is always nice to have something extra in case you have to stay on the road for an extra day or need a change of clothes for any other reason. Add car chargers or mobile chargers for all your phones and mobile devices, especially if you have kids, because they will run out of power faster than one can imagine. Also, if your car breaks down or you need to make an emergency call, have your phone charged at all times.


Moving can be hard on kids. The fear of the unknown can make them feel apprehensive. Make sure you bring along their favorite books, snacks, toys, blankets and whatever else they like to have with them that will make them feel secure. Now is a great time to explore the internet for new and exciting road trip games. Also, have some medication for car sickness at hand, you never know how your children will be dealing with a long trip.

Bonus Tip: If you can, have your children stay with family, friends or a neighbor while the Peoria movers are packing up. This will help to keep them out from underneath the movers’ feet and can may be less stressful than seeing their belongings being carried out of their home.


Your Moving to do list from the moving experts
Just like kids they can get in the way. Maybe you can temporarily leave them with a friend or family member or have them stay at a pet hotel. If your furry friend is making the move with you make sure you have everything that you need from food and water bowls to leash and medical records. Make sure you have a way to keep them safe in your car and that they won’t get hurt during an accident. If you have to hit the brakes, your unsecured animal can turn into a projectile that can cause injury to everyone or even a multi-car accident. Always restrain your pet with a crate or harness in your car.

Food and Drink

Make sure you have enough snacks, food and drinks for when you are on the road. Making frequent breaks while driving helps to stay alert and ensures safe driving. It is important to stay hydrated and have some nutritious snacks while on the road. Don’t forget trash bags, paper cups and plates and disposable silverware which are easy to clean up and much safer while on the road.

But most of all-enjoy the move.

Moving is always an adventure, but even an adventure needs to be prepped in order to be enjoyable. A to Z Valley Wide Movers have been providing quality short and long distance residential and business moving services for years. To learn more about our moving company and our storage facility contact us today.

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