Moving Etiquette: 6 Ways to be Courteous during Your Move

Moving can be a loud and messy affair. It’s hard for it not to be when you are moving appliances and large pieces of furniture. But making a big mess and a lot of noise isn’t exactly the best way to win friends and influence people. It’s important that you follow certain rules of etiquette to make your move a more pleasant one for everyone.

Here are six ways that you can be more courteous during your move:

Couple During Move

Don’t Black Throughways

The most convenient spot for your moving truck isn’t necessarily the most convenient spot for the other people who live near you. Be mindful of where you park the truck – or where you ask the movers to park the truck – so that it is not blocking the street, a driveway, or any other path that people need to use.

Moving trucks are quite big, so look around for the best place to park it so that it is not in anyone’s way when you are loading it or unloading it. Even if you think that you’ll be quick, the people who have to wait are unlikely to feel the same.

Move during the Day

Most people are away at work during the day, and most people are asleep at night. Moving during the day ensures that you are not likely to disturb anyone with the noise you might be making. Even if someone is home and not at work, they aren’t likely to mind the noise as much since they are awake and not trying to rest.

If you know that you have neighbors who are sick or who work at night, you should check in with them on their schedules to figure out the least intrusive time to move.

Be Mindful When Unpacking at Night

You may be amped up from your move and want to unpack late into the night to get acclimated to your new home as quickly as possible. Or you may decide to unpack in the evenings after work. But late-night packing can be a real nuisance to your neighbors – especially if you live in an apartment, condo, or townhouse.

Keep your packing to the waking hours if you can. If you must pack at night, try to keep the noise to a minimum. Work on light-weight boxes and softer items like clothing and linens.

Donate What You Don’t Need

When you are packing or unpacking, you are likely to identify a lot of things that you no longer want or need. Instead of throwing those things in the trash and creating a mess at your curb, pack those items up and take them to your local Goodwill or other charity. You can do some good with those items, and you can save some things from the landfill. Your neighbors will also appreciate not having to deal with the eyesore.

Give Your Empty Boxes to Someone Who Needs Them

Someone is always moving or about to move. Then they have to scramble to find boxes, or they have to buy them. Meanwhile, you get finished with your boxes and have to break them down, stack them, and recycle them. Instead of going through that, just save the boxes until you know someone who needs them. You’ll help out someone you know, and you’ll keep items out of the waste system. Even if you are recycling boxes, you are still contributing to the need for new boxes eventually.

Introduce Yourself to the New Neighbors

Once you are settled in, don’t expect your neighbors to be the ones to come knocking. You should go around and introduce yourself. You don’t have to bring a basket of muffins or a freshly baked pie. You just need to bring yourself and a smile. At the very least, you will be laying the foundation for a cordial relationship with your neighbors so that if you’re ever robbed, they’ll call the police. But you may be surprised and make a new friend, as well.

Being a good neighbor begins and ends with your move. Make sure you are being considerate when you are packing and moving your belongings, whether you are hauling things yourself or hiring a professional moving company. Of course, professional movers will already take precautions so as not to block paths or do other inconsiderate things that would upset your neighbors.

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