Moving For Seniors: 8 Helpful Hacks To Make Moving To a New House a Lot Easier

An Easy Guide To Help Seniors Move To A New House

Senior citizens make up a significant number of adults who are packing up and moving to new neighborhoods. Moving to a new home can pose conflicting emotions for anyone, including anticipation, excitement, sadness, anxiety, and overwhelm, but transitioning to a new home often presents additional challenges for seniors. Consider these 8 helpful hacks from your Avondale moving company to make moving to your new home a lot easier and much less stressful!

An Easy Guide To Help Seniors Move To A New House

1. Start Planning Well In Advance

There are many different reasons for moving to a new home, which can include: 

  • Health
  • Cost of living
  • Change in income
  • Needing a smaller or larger home
  • Increased ability to travel
  • Need or desire to be closer to family

As you consider where to move, take a look at the amenities that will be available near your new home, such as where you’ll do your shopping, what medical facilities are nearby, how transportation will work, what recreational activities are available, and more. Understanding the basics of your new neighborhood will go a long way toward a smoother transition after your move 

2. Inform Your Family Members Of Your Desire To Move

Keep your family members up to date as you plan your move, find new housing, and sell your old home. Their caring involvement can ease your stress, help you avoid expensive mistakes, and help you book the services of Buckeye movers for your big day.

3. Prioritize Your Needs & How The New Area Will Meet These Needs

Think about what you love about your current neighborhood and what needs improvement, then make it into a list. What amenities do you love enough to pay extra to keep them? What are your must-haves for your new home and your new neighborhood? What things are you willing to forgo if you find an otherwise perfect home? What is your budget? The key is finding where you are willing to compromise so you can find a home that best matches your lifestyle.

4. Get To The Know Your New Neighborhood Before You Move

Before you hire a Ahwatukee affordable moving company or put down money into a home or condo, consider getting a short term rental, such as a vacation home, or stay nearby with a family member so you can get a trial run of your potential new neighborhood. Shop, walk, eat, and meet people who live in the area so you can determine whether it will be the right fit for you and understand what it really costs to live there.

5. Declutter, Donate & Sell Extra Belongings

Once you’ve made the decision to move, you have a closing date, and you’ve hired Cave Creek local movers, it’s time to start packing. This is the perfect time to purge through your belongings and find a new home for everything that you no longer need, use, or want, and to get rid of larger items that won’t fit in your new home. This will save on your overall moving costs and make it easier for you to get into your new place. Imagine how much easier unpacking will be! Consider hosting a garage sale, donating to the thrift store, or recycling whatever you don’t want to keep.

6. Consider Repairs & Renovations

As you get your old home ready to sell, or prepare to leave your apartment, make decisions about needs to be replaced or repaired. Some tasks are simple, such as filling holes from wall art, cleaning baseboards, and scrubbing out the refrigerator, while other major renovations may be most expensive and time consuming. Although some major repairs can add appeal to your home or even increase the sale price, other renovations may not be worth the investment.

7. Consider Getting Help With Packing

Understanding your limits is crucial. You don’t want to become injured while packing right before you move to your new home! Write a detailed list of contents on each box so it gets into the right room of your new home for easier unpacking. Because packing and moving boxes, furniture, and other belongings can be physically very difficult, consider getting full service from your trusted Avondale moving company who can even do the packing for you!

8. Hire Professional Movers

One of the best ways to reduce stress as you move to your new home is by hiring a crew of professional Chandler movers. Let us help with the heavy lifting and carefully move everything into your new home. We can even help with unpacking!

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Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, you need a team of professional movers to help get the job done quickly and without stress. A to Z Valleywide Movers offers a full range of moving services, from packing to storage solutions to moving and unpacking in your new home. We will treat your belongings with respect and care from start to finish. Let us remove the hassle from your upcoming move! Call A to Z Valleywide Movers today!


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