Moving Insurance? Hire the Right Company and You Won’t Need It

moving insurance hire the right company and you won't need it

Moving can be very stressful. Find out that your grandmother’s antique clock was broken irrevocably during the move and it will be infinitely more so. You may think the right thing to do is to purchase moving insurance, which will pay the cost of the loss if anything is damaged or broken beyond repair. But even if you get that money, you’ll still be out the irreplaceable heirloom, won’t you?

The best thing you can do to protect your precious belongings is to hire a reputable moving company in Phoenix that hires only the most qualified and experienced movers in Phoenix. Your things are much more likely to get from Point A to Point B without incident.

Consider these pros and cons of moving insurance to decide for yourself:

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Many people feel peace of mind when they purchase moving insurance, and that can be a priceless benefit. Having that insurance makes them feel secure that if anything does happen, at least they will be covered for the financial loss. Most of the time, people are thinking of replacing things like a flat screen TV or some dinnerware when they purchase moving insurance – items that can be easily replaced since they don’t have sentimental value.

getting moving insuranceUnfortunately, the peace of mind that comes from purchasing moving insurance is usually illusory. It doesn’t actually protect your belongings, and you may not even get the full cost that you paid for the item if there is an accident. You may feel better, but that feeling may not be based on any real assurance.

The other advantage of moving insurance that many people cite is the financial protection for your items. But, as mentioned, there are many exceptions. For example, basic coverage may reimburse you less than $50 for a TV that is valued at more than $500. Basic coverage provides reimbursement based on how much an item weighs, not how much it is valued. You have to get advanced coverage to get back the full value of your item.

Of course, no insurance can pay you enough for those sentimental items that get lost or damaged, like your first baby’s footprints or your mother’s wedding dress. So finding a trustworthy local mover in Ahwatukee is important.


Even amongst the “pros,” there are many cons to moving insurance, and it is important that you understand them before you waste your money on this unnecessary “protection.”

Basic coverage is often included with the cost of your move, but as mentioned, it really doesn’t offer much in the way of reimbursement. If a couch that weighs 300 pounds was damaged, you’d get $180. When was the last time you were able to buy a new couch for $180?

waste money on moving insuranceIf you opt to buy the additional insurance coverage that pays the full value of a damaged item, you will end up paying a lot for it. You’ll have different options, so the expense will vary – as will the protection provided. Either way, you’ll end up paying a lot more for your moving expenses, which most people are looking to minimize since moving can get costly fast.

The other disadvantage to moving insurance is that most people don’t end up needing it. You pay a lot of money but don’t have an accident – a good thing – so you basically paid money for nothing. If you choose a reputable long distance moving company in Ahwatukee, you will minimize your risk of having any accidents, making the insurance all but unnecessary. Accidents can happen even to the best, but when you are working with experienced professionals who are dedicated to doing the best job they can, the likelihood of having a problem is very, very slim.

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