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Are you looking to move, but are short on funds? If you want to move but don’t have a lot of cash to spend then we present to you some great ideas on not just how to move, but how to do it on a budget. First off, you can absolutely move on a smaller budget, but know that it will cost you time, effort and preparation. With a little bit more room in the budget you may even be able to hire an Arizona moving company in Chandler to help save you some time and effort. If postponing the move is possible it may be a good idea just to save a little money and increase your budget. But there’s no need to worry, there are plenty of ways out of this situation. Today we are going to go over a couple of awesome suggestions on exactly how to move on a tight budget.

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Finding an affordable moving company in Cave Creek and other areas might be easier than you think. First things first, is there a savings account that you can access for the move? No matter if your budget is big or small, counting on a little bit of savings is a great idea. The reason being is that many times a move can end up costing more than planned. So, keeping this in mind, you would ideally want to keep around 10 to 20 percent more than the moving budget earmarked for any unexpected expenses. If this is not possible then try decreasing the budget in order to create a reserve fund. You are going to want to take into account any extra costs that may arise when moving on a limited budget. So if you’re moving on a tight budget it would be wise to take into consideration that you may have to endure extra costs that you did not plan for. Talk to the Chandler movers about the specifics of your move, if you’re hiring an Arizona moving company near Cave Creek, because after hiring any moving company they are allowed to charge extra without notification if the move requires more trucks or men than originally planned. For example, if the Arizona residential or commercial movers in Cave Creek have to deal with difficult stairs, or a lighter truck is needed to finish transporting your belongings to your new home. These can result in your bill being a little higher than you expected. Hidden costs, though not common, are still a possibility and something that needs to be planned for.

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If you know a move is coming up then start saving some money! Even with a limited budget there are ways to generate a little extra income to help with the move. Many Arizona residents may host a garage sale or put unwanted items online for sale. The benefit of a garage sale being that you get your money right away while you may have to allow a little time to get money from selling your stuff online. Either way, these are good methods as they allow you to both make some money AND get rid of stuff you’re not taking with you on the move. Since you may very well be moving on a tight budget you may want to use some of these tips and go find some free packing materials. You’ll want to get an early start, you don’t want to be running around at the last second. Give yourself time to come up with a game plan for low cost moving, make sure it suits your budget and saves you time. That is to say that you should start packing as early as possible. If you have a job, like most people, then just pack a little bit at a time when you have the chance. It would be smart to start packing with items you will not need until after the move is completed. You can start separating all of the garbage and knick knacks that are not going to be making the move. You can expect to find a lot of stuff you don’t want or use once you start figuring out what to pack. This is where you’re going to find the stuff you may be able to sell to help out with your moving budget. You can take that little bit of extra money and invest it into an affordable moving company to do the heavy lifting.

budget money movingSeek out some advice from local Arizona movers about state to state moving tips, or even city to city. The longer the distance of the move the more you’re going to need in your budget. It’s a good idea to get together with your movers about the cost associated with each aspect of the move. Anything that you are unaware of poses a risk of raising your moving expenses, so it’s best to stay educated in order to predict expenses where you can. So go out and try and find some free packing materials, or find some cheap or free moving boxes. You can look online, ask friends who have recently moved, coworkers, neighbors or just check your garage or attic. Cut costs by using your own blankets and sheets to wrap up items for the move. Store clothes in dresser drawers to minimize the need for boxes. Utilize the bottom of wardrobe boxes if there is a little space left over after your clothes are in it. Just be careful to watch for overloading your boxes, they may break if overfilled and you would have to spend time and money replacing them. Try and find some free labor. Is there anybody you can depend on to help with the move? Family, friends? This could really help with the budget.

Whatever you decide you can count on the professionals at AZ Valleywide Movers. We are more than happy to assist you with every aspect of your move and we are here to answer any of your questions. Contact us today! Happy moving!

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