Moving To a New Office? 6 Goods You Should Pack First

Packing Office Goods With Minimum Inconveniences

Packing things to move to a new office doesn’t have to be challenging. While it’s true that parts of the business must continue even close to the moving date, you can still pack things up without stress. All you need is to pack the office goods with minimum inconveniences.

But, what are those office goods you need to pack first? An Anthem moving company shares with us the answer.

Moving to a new office in Arizona


Things like certificates, plaques, statues, and awards should be packed first. These ornamental items give the office a nice vibe, but they are not mandatory in daily business tasks. Therefore, it’s better to pack them first. Include wall arts, paintings, and other hanging elements too.

If you have framed documents, wrap them in bubble wrap before packing them into boxes and protect the corners with cardboard. Tape an “X” over the frames to prevent them from flying if there’s an accident. Also, label the boxes with ‘fragile’ so the movers can be careful.

Business Records

Most offices use file cabinets to store business records. These files are usually unnecessary day-to-day, so it’s better to pack them before moving out. You can keep the records in hanging files to simplify their transfer and put them into filling boxes only on the moving day.

Buy bins or boxes designed for hanging files. Be sure to organize the files with the right label and boxes. Then, carefully place the hanging files in the boxes.

Labels are always necessary, even if you move with trusted Ahwatukee movers. This way, office personnel will have easy access to the records.

All The Important Books

You should also pack books earlier rather than later. Office workers won’t reference books around moving day, so it is better to pack them first. Store them in small boxes because they can be heavy when moved in bulk.

Don’t forget to disassemble bookshelves too. Pack the pieces little by little to avoid damage.

Be careful when packing books. Lay them flat in the box or facing the bottom. Store them according to height and width dimensions to avoid excess space. If you have expensive or old books, wrap them in bubble wrap.

Desk Artifacts

Desks and chairs are furniture, so they will be among the last items to move. However, you can pack the items on the desks early on. Feel free to donate items that won’t be used again, but be sure to keep essentials, such as pens, notepads, pencils, and staplers.

You can keep a few items on your side for the moving day (for example, a notepad and a pen). This can help you take note of the things you are moving so that you don’t miss anything.

Electronic Items

An Avondale moving company can help you pack electronic items since they are heavy and delicate. Computers and printers should be one of the last things to pack because office personnel will probably use them right up to moving day. Before moving the computers, back up the date with a USB drive, cloud storage, or an external hard drive.

The most recommended idea is to pack the electronic equipment in their original boxes. But, if the original boxes are unavailable, you can purchase a computer packing kit from a moving store.

If you use moving boxes to pack the electronic devices, wrap them first with bubble wrap. Then, place them in the boxes with caution. If the boxes leave empty spaces, fill them with crumpled packing paper.


Disarm office chairs and desks last. Keep the parts together and place them in the same box to avoid confusion. If the furniture pieces are too big, tape them together or label them. Use plastic bags to store small parts, and don’t forget to label them.

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