Moving With a Baby: 8 Ways To Make Your Life Easier

Experienced Arizona Movers Provide a Few Helpful Tips For Moving With Your New Baby

Moving is always a big endeavor, but it becomes even trickier when there are children or pets involved. Perhaps nothing is more stressful than moving when you have a baby. Not only are you likely exhausted from being up with your baby all night, but you will have to work through your baby’s special needs while you are managing the packing, the loading, the unpacking, and all the other logistics involved with moving.

From hiring the right movers to using the right strategy for packing, there are many things you can do to make your move a little easier. Here are 8 tips that can make your life easier when you are moving with a baby:

Experienced Arizona Movers Provide a Few Helpful Tips For Moving With Your New Baby

Purging Before a Move

You can make any move easier by getting rid of the things you don’t need anymore before you start packing. The moving company will have less to haul, which will make the move go faster and will cost you less money.

Purging what you don’t need also streamlines the moving process. There will be fewer boxes, fewer large pieces of furniture, and fewer appliances for you to have to manage while you are also taking care of your baby. If you sell the things you don’t need, you can even raise money to pay the movers.

Be Detailed When Packing Boxes

You don’t need to deal with a lot of stress of searching for items while you are moving or unpacking. Babies have a way of making everything emergencies, so you will be under a great deal of pressure if you can’t find the things you need when you need them. You can make things a lot easier on yourself by being strategic and detailed in your packing.

Pack all like things together in boxes, such as all your kitchen things in boxes with other kitchen things, rather than mixing items together based on how you can get them to fit best. Then label all your boxes, not just with a general room label like “kitchen,” but with a somewhat detailed list, like “dinner plates and salad bowls.” You may even want to color code your boxes. You’ll be able to find things much easier when you get to your new home, minimizing your stress and making the packing process go more quickly.

Choose The Right Times To Pack Or Unpack

Babies may be very demanding of your time, but they also sleep quite a lot. You can take advantage of that when you are packing or unpacking. Plan to do the bulk of your work while your baby is napping or has gone down for the night. You’ll be able to pack a few boxes at a time, which will add up quickly over several days or weeks.

You may also consider packing or unpacking while your baby is happily occupied, such as when playing with toys in their pack n’ play or while having tummy time.

Keep Baby Essentials Separate

Don’t pack the essentials you’ll need for your baby. You will inevitably have to go searching for them and digging them out of the boxes. Keep essentials like diapers, bottles, multiple outfits, blankets, and more in a separate bag or box that you keep open. You can move these things easily while also keeping them available when you need them.

Pack The Nursery Last & Unpack First

There are some things you’ll have to pack, even though they are essential. Just plan to pack these things last, and then to unpack them first. That means the crib should be one of the last things to go on the moving truck, as well as the diaper changing table, your nursery glider, and other key pieces of furniture or baby gear. Make sure your movers know that you want these things to be first off the truck when you arrive at your new home.

Maintain a Baby Schedule

Moving can be chaotic, but it’s important to stick to your baby’s schedule as closely as possible. Babies don’t tolerate change well, so if you go off schedule, your baby is going to be crankier and needier, which will make the situation more stressful for everyone. Try to plan everything so your baby can have naps and meal times as usual and can experience a minimum of disruption.

Keep Snacks & Toys Handy

Whether you’re packing, you’re overseeing the movers loading up, or you’re unpacking, it’s going to be helpful to have snacks and toys ready for your baby. Make sure your baby has enough to eat so hunger doesn’t lead to crankiness, and make sure your baby has enough to keep them entertained so you can free up your attention for moving tasks.

Hire Professional Movers In Arizona

Hiring professional movers is the best thing you can do to make any move easier. Professional movers can handle every aspect of your move, from packing and loading to hauling and unpacking. You can rest easy knowing that the experts have everything under control and that all your belongings will get to where they need to be safely.

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