Preparing For Your Long-Distance Move: 5 Ways to Avoid Stress

Long distance moves are stressful, even when everything goes according to plan. Knowing where to start, then when to go next and so on can become overwhelming. There are a few simple ways to keep the process in check, and reduce the unnecessary stresses of a long-distance move.

You’ve decided it’s time to make the big move. Whether you’re moving to another corner of Arizona, or moving across the country, these tips can be very helpful.

Make Checklists

Make a moving checklist

There is an exorbitant amount of tasks to keep track of during a move, not only when packing up and getting ready, but when you arrive and need to get set back up for life. Making a checklist of different tasks, along with some due dates, can help keep you on schedule to move. Having someone help you create these lists can be helpful to catch smaller steps that may fall through the cracks.

Try to hone in on each task, and break down checklists by each room of your home. For example, in the bedrooms, write lists of what you want to keep out to use until you move, and what should be packed now. In the kitchen, make a list of the items you will need to cook and eat until your move happens, and make sure you have the proper containers to pack the remaining items in.

Make your checklists as detailed as you can. It may seem like a tedious task at first, but once the wheels start moving, you will be grateful that you took the time to write them out. It was once said that a failure to plan is a plan for failure, so plan for success.

Ask For Help

Call a moving company

Many times, when big moves come up, people battle with the idea of calling professional moving companies or asking friends for help. Long distance moving companies can alleviate a lot of stress during big moves. You have much less to worry about when you have Phoenix movers come to your home, pack up, and move everything for you.

Asking friends and family to help could be cost efficient, however, working around everyone’s work, school, and kids’ schedule can add more stress to an already stressful situation. It is good to rely on help from friends and family for as much as you can, without adding undue stress to the situation. Consider asking for help cleaning out rooms, assistance with errands, and help cleaning once the house has been cleared out.

Plan For Your Trip and Your Arrival

Plan for your trip and your arrival

There is a lot more to consider when you move than simply how to clear out of one town and get to another. Planning ahead for the tasks you will need to complete when you arrive in your new home will help ease the transition from one home to another. Make a list of phone numbers and addresses for the utility companies. Call ahead and set up utilities for your move in date, to insure that your new home will be ready for your arrival.

Planning for your arrival also involves preparing the boxes to be packed and unpacked in the most functional way possible. Try making an electronic inventory list of each box, labeling each box with its own number, so items are easily found when you arrive in your new home. Be sure to pack boxes into the truck in such a way that the items you need immediately unboxed are at the front of the van, while the lowest priority boxes are at the back of the van.

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Stay in contact with everyone involved in your move

Make sure you stay in contact with everyone involved in your move, whether by email, text, or phone. When you have a lot of moving parts, it is good to make certain that everyone is in the know all the time. Technology really helps here, with email on your phone and group messages. Make sure that everyone is onboard with plans and quick changes utilizing technology.

Get the Professionals Involved

Hire a moving company

Big moves are a LOT of work. There is a lot to coordinate, think about, and plan. Enlisting a professional, cross country moving company to coordinate moving your household relieves a huge burden off of you. Give A to Z Valleywide Movers a call at 602-422-6408 to set up your free consultation. We can pack and unpack your household so that you can concentrate on trying up loose ends here in the Arizona Valley and starting your new life in your new home.

A to Z Valleywide Movers offers professional service with results you can count on. Our experienced movers will quickly and safely move your belonging into your new home. Contact us to get an estimate on your move today.

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