The Pros & Cons of a Long Distance Winter Move

No matter what time of year you decide to move, there can be both positives and negatives based on a large variety of factors that could make your move smooth and stress free, or make it a waking nightmare. The weather has a lot to do with the ease of your move, and although it can be somewhat difficult to move during the winter months, it might be a better option for you. A long distance winter move can also have its major downfalls, but so can a summer move. Here is everything you need to know about moving long distance during the winter time:

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Less Busy

Winter is a great time of year to move, if only because it is far less busy than the summer. Everyone is moving during the summer, especially if you have kids or are a recent college grad. This makes it much easier for you to book long distance movers because in the peak moving season during the summer, some movers can be scarce and it might be harder for you to find a reputable out of state moving company that you can trust with all of your belongings. This can be the best course of action for you if you’re looking for a trustworthy moving company.


The peak moving season in the summer is also far more expensive in order to compensate for the high demand of movers. As this is such a busy time, it’s great for moving companies, but can also mean that they are booked up and if you need them now, it could mean you’ll be paying their hefty prices for far less services. Because not too many people typically move during the winter, the interstate movers tend to have far more openings and can give you moving rates at largely discounted prices. You will definitely get more for your money if you are considering a winter move.



The weather is the trickiest part of a winter move, especially if you live somewhere where the winters become frigid and snowy, and the roads become dangerous. This kind of weather can be somewhat unpredictable, making your moving day seemingly smooth until you’re hit with ice and snow that you and your long distance moving company cannot safely drive in. You should always keep an eye on the weather for a few weeks leading up to your move so that you can be better prepared to handle the snowy weather around you.

What Can You Do to Prepare?

In the event that you are hit with tons of snow on moving day, you should make sure you are prepared when the long distance movers arrive. If you have a driveway, clear away the snow as much as possible to make their job easier. It may be more work than you bargained for, but it’ll make your move go much smoother, especially if you don’t have to pay for the extra time it’ll take to shovel snow away. You should also make sure everything is packed and ready to be loaded on the moving truck before they arrive.

In addition to shoveling snow out of the driveway and walkways so that loading becomes easier, you might want to salt the area as well. This is especially necessary on slippery areas like walkways. The last thing you want is to fall while you’re carrying something heavy, thus resulting in a hospital stay. Even worse is if one of the movers slips and falls because then you may be liable.

If it is continuously snowling, sleeting, or raining, adding some kind of covering to the walking path toward the truck might be a good idea to keep your things dry. This is an optional solution, but an important one if you happen to have a lot of items that can’t take any amount of moisture without becoming severely damaged.

Another good way to protect your things during this inclimate weather is to pack things in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. This might not be the most eco friendly way to move, but it will certainly be better for all of the items that shouldn’t be touched with water, snow, and other damaging moisture. Additionally, wrap delicate wooden furniture in blankets, put clothes and other textiles in trash bags, and any other non delicate items.

If the weather becomes too tricky to deal with, you need to plan for delays. Sometimes the snow and sleet will only last for a short period. It may still be cold, but as long as it isn’t precipitating around you, your move will go a lot smoother. So if your moving company allows it, try to book a few extra days in order to give yourself some contingency days if there is too much rain or snow to move in.

Luckily, the winter time in Arizona is the perfect time to move. It’s cool and clear, and there is no driveway snow shoveling involved. When you need a Mesa long distance moving company to help you with your winter move, consult with the professional, top rated movers at A to Z Valleywide Movers. We provide affordable and efficient moving services so that your winter move goes as smoothly as possible. For more information about our Mesa 85212 long distance moving services, contact us today!

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