Removing the Strain of a Work Relocation for a Successful Move

Tips For Your Long Distance Move

Sometimes, you just can’t find the career opportunities that you want in the place where you live. So, despite having friends and family where you are, you may have to move far away to pursue your ambitions or to achieve a better life for your family. The farther away you have to move, the harder the move will be on you, both emotionally and practically.

We can’t help you with the emotional aspects of saying goodbye, but we can help you with the logistics of your long-distance move. Our movers have helped people move long distances many times, and we have seen what steps people have taken to make those moves a little easier. Here are four things you can do to reduce the strain of your work relocation:

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Ask for Relocation Assistance

Moving a long distance can be very expensive. You not only need to pay a moving company, but you also have to move your vehicles, take special steps to move your pets, set up new utilities and services, and more. You may need to stay in hotels along your journey, and you may need to buy new furniture and other items when you arrive in your new home.

You can ask your new employer if any relocation assistance is provided. Many companies provide a stipend for these moves. It may not be enough to cover all of your expenses, but it will certainly be enough to put a big dent in the costs. You may be able to negotiate more if you need it, so don’t be afraid to ask for the assistance, and don’t be afraid to push for more.

Research Your New City

A lot of the hardship around moving is anxiety about what life will be like once you arrive in your new home. You can set your mind at ease and prepare for what’s ahead by researching your new city. Start this as soon as you accept the job.

In your research, look at what the different neighborhoods are in the city and what each of them is like. Learn more about the school districts (if you have children) and what sets each of them apart. Chart your commute from your home to your work. Find out what the top attractions are in the city, including museums, theaters, parks, and more. Learn about the best places to eat and other top spots. Join online groups for your neighborhood or for people who share your interests.

With this research, you’ll know a lot about your new city when you arrive and be ready to take advantage of all that it has to offer. If you join the groups, you may even have a potential friend or two waiting for you.

Create a Timeline

Creating a moving plan can also help you feel more in control of what’s going on, helping to ease your anxiety and to reduce any potential crises or setbacks. Your moving plan should include a clear timeline of events. Your timeline should include:

  • A period for searching for your new home (or a temporary home while you get to know the area better and search for what you want to buy)
  • A deadline for putting your current house on the market
  • A timeframe for packing
  • Dates for your actual move (including the long trip across states)
  • A time period for unpacking and getting settled in

Some of these dates should be firm, such as the dates for your move and your arrival. Other dates can be flexible, such as when you’ll be done unpacking. The idea is to create a framework that you can use to keep yourself on track so that you don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute to take care of important tasks. You don’t need that added stress.

Hire a Moving Company

The best thing you can do to make any move easier is to hire a reputable Mesa moving company. Professional movers can handle all the heavy lifting for your move, literally. They can pack and haul everything you own, allowing you to relax and focus on getting yourself and your family to your new home.

With the stress of a long-distance move compounded, it is especially important to hire long distance movers. You will have a lot more to deal with for these moves, so engaging a professional to take care of some of the bigger tasks will ease a lot of your stress. Knowing that professionals are in charge of the safety of your possessions over such a long distance will also put your mind at ease.

Call A to Z Valleywide Movers in Gilbert if you are planning a long distance move. We are an affordable moving company with professional long distance movers who can handle any size move. We can ensure that everything you own arrives safely in your new home, and on schedule. We can handle every aspect of your move, and we also provide storage, if needed. Call us in Gilbert to get a free quote for your move.

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