Seasonal Moves: Is Autumn the Right Time for a Move?

The Pros and Cons of Moving During The Fall Months

The moving season tends to be in the summer months. A lot of college students are coming home after the end of the semester, or they’re going on to new programs or new jobs. Others simply like to move in the summer months because it is warm, and the weather tends to be sunny and clear. However, if you have some discretion over when you move, you might want to consider planning outside the box and looking at the fall months instead.

We’re an experienced Arizona moving company that has handled thousands of moves, and these are some of the pros and cons we’ve seen with moving in the fall months: 

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Lower Home Prices

Since the fall is the off season for real estate activity, you can snap up some real deals if you shop for a new home then. The savings will depend on where you are shopping, as hot markets will see only a marginal dip in prices in the off season. But when you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house, any savings matter. 

Moving companies are usually not as busy in the fall, which means that they drop their prices to match the lower demand. We’re already an affordable moving company in Chandler offering great rates, but you can usually enjoy even lower pricing in the fall months. Again, when you’re moving, any savings can go a long way. 

Increased Availability for Movers

Since moving companies are not as busy in the fall, it will usually be easier for you to book your movers for the exact date that you need them. You’ll also have greater flexibility with scheduling if you need to make arrangements without as much notice. 

Nicer Weather

While a lot of people like to move in the summer when it is sunny, they also realize very quickly the downfall of moving in the summer: The heat. Arizona has especially harsh summers, with temperatures frequently climbing into the triple digits. If you move in the fall, you can enjoy milder weather, which will make your move much more comfortable. 


Longer Sale Time

The same market forces that make it easier for you to buy a home at a good price in the fall make it harder for you to sell your home in the same season. If you live in an apartment and are moving into your first home, this won’t be a problem for you at all. If you are selling your house but don’t need to sell it before you buy your new home, this also won’t be a problem. Just be sure you understand that you might be dealing with a delay when you make your moving plan. 

Unpredictable Weather

Fall weather can be more pleasant generally, but it can also be unpredictable. In Arizona, the monsoon season will be wrapping up, so you could have an unexpected storm. If you are moving to an area in the north, you might be confronted with an unexpected early winter storm. Your movers will be prepared to deal with any of these possibilities, but they could cause some issues for your planning. 

Busy Holiday Season

Finally, depending on when you move in the fall, you may find it difficult to get settled in with everything else that is going on. There are a lot of holidays in the fall, and you may find that you have a lot of social engagements or other obligations. That may make it harder for you to unpack or to otherwise get settled in your new home. You can hire movers to unpack for you, which can make at least part of that process a little easier. 

Overall, there are much bigger advantages to moving in the fall than there are disadvantages, which can be mitigated with the right planning and the right movers on your side. If you have the flexibility to plan your move, consider planning it for the fall. 

A to Z Valleywide Movers in Gilbert will be ready to help. We handle both local and long-distance moves of all sizes. We can pack, haul, unpack, and even store your belongings. We can handle one part of your move or every part of it. We are a trusted and affordable Chandler moving company with insured and experienced movers. Call us in Gilbert today to get a free quote for your next move. 

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