Single Parenthood: Fundamental Tips for an Easy Move

How To Finish The Moving Process With Kids 100% Stress-Free

Moving is a stressful enough process for anyone, but it can be especially hard on parents. Kids complicate any situation. They have special needs, and they require a great deal of attention. Being a single parent can make the move even more difficult since you need to handle everything by yourself.

Working with a good Mesa moving company can help you make your move with kids a little easier. Here are a few fundamental tips that will make your move as a single parent just a little easier so that you can make your transition to your new home more peaceful:

Father and his son relaxed on moving day with tips from A to Z Valleywide movers blog

Make a Detailed Plan

Knowing what to expect can make the entire moving process easier on both you and your children. Making a detailed plan can help you check off all the important things that need to be done as you go along so that you don’t forget anything, which can add to the confusion and the stress for everyone.

Make a plan that includes a timeline of things you need to do for your move, including calling the Mesa movers, setting up the new utilities, meeting the landlord for the new keys, and so on. Be sure to include items that will be important to your children, as well, such as time to say goodbye to friends, the last day at school, and so on. Any time your kids have questions, you can refer to the plan to reassure them that everything is under control and to assuage any fears they may have.

Keep Your Kids in the Loop

Children will feel much better about your move if they know what’s happening – and even better if they have some agency in it. You don’t need to give your children too much power, but it can be helpful to involve them in whatever decision-making processes you can, such as bringing them along with you to look at new houses or asking them what color to paint their new bedrooms.

You can also make your children feel engaged in the moving process by giving them important jobs. For example, you can ask them to pack their own rooms or make them in charge of taking care of pets on the car ride to your new home. Determine what will be most engaging for them, as well as age-appropriate.

Declutter and Downsize

The more things you own, the more time-consuming and complicated your move will be, kids or no. The more you can downsize, the easier your move will be – and the less you’ll have to pay the Mesa movers.
Spend some time ahead of your move going through your things and passing on what you no longer need or truly want. Get the kids involved if you can, inviting them to help you sort through what you own and making decisions on what to downsize.

Get Help By Calling a Professional Moving Company

Moving is a big job, and you need help. It’s an even bigger job when you’ve got kids and you’re a single parent. Don’t try to do the work by yourself. Call in friends or hire babysitters to help you mind the kids when you need to pack or just for the big day. And call a professional moving company in Gilbert to handle the move.

Don’t forget that you can also hire movers to pack your things for you. Letting the professionals handle the full job will make your load a much lighter one, literally. You’ll also experience greater peace of mind knowing that you can trust that your possessions will arrive safely in your new home and that your move will go off without a hitch.

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