Summer Moving Tips to Help You Survive the Heat

Arizona has some brutal summers. If you have to move during one of those summers, you may find yourself suffering even more than usual. But with heats like the ones we get in Gilbert, you may do more than sweat while you’re moving. You could actually suffer serious health consequences, such as heat stroke.
You need to take the proper precautions if you are going to move in the summer. The best thing you can do is hire a Chandler moving company to do the work for you while you sip iced tea in the shade. Professional Peoria movers know how to take the right precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of your belongings. However, if you must move anything yourself, make sure you follow these tips to stay safe and survive the heat:

Summer Moving TIps to Help You Survive the Heat

Schedule Appropriately

The earlier in the day you start, the cooler it will be. It may not actually be cool, but it may be 10 to 20 degrees cooler than it will be in the middle of the afternoon. In any scenario, 80 degrees will be preferable to 100.
You may not be able to get everything done in the morning, so make a plan to move the biggest items earlier in the day. It will be much easier to move the smaller boxes in the afternoon than it will be to move your refrigerator or couch.

Dress Properly

You obviously aren’t going to wear a sweater to move in the hot sun, but you may not realize the folly of your other clothing choices until you are sweating it out with a couch on your back. Stay away from jeans and any material that doesn’t breathe. You need to wear loose-fitting clothes in breathable fabrics.
Make sure you wear a brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes and your skin. Put a good sunscreen on any part of your body that is exposed. Re-apply it throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the biggest risks when you are working in the sun. But your dehydration can begin long before you notice symptoms. Start your day with a solid foundation. Avoid caffeine, and drink plenty of water before you get started on your move. Also avoid sugary foods or drinks, as these can also contribute to dehydration.
Bring plenty of water with you to have throughout the day. Freeze a few bottles the night before your move so that the water is cool when you need it on the day of the move.

Take Your Time

You may want to rush through your move so you get out of the sun quickly. But the faster you move, the more strain you put on your body, and the more you will sweat. You’ll tire out faster, and you’ll put yourself at risk of dehydration.
Move at a slower pace when you are working in the heat, and take frequent breaks. Your body will slowly acclimate to the heat.

Pay Attention to Your Symptoms

Even with the best planning, you could still succumb to dehydration and sun stroke. Pay close attention to how you’re feeling throughout the day. At the first sign of symptoms, take a break and get out of the heat. Drink plenty of water, and rest until you are feeling better. Your health is more important than moving quickly.

Some symptoms to watch include feeling faint or light-headed, nauseous, or dry-mouthed. If you feel these symptoms, take a rest and take steps to cool your body, such as putting a cold compress on your neck or running your arms under cool water.

The heat can be more than an inconvenience; it can be dangerous. Make sure you are taking the right precautions if you must move in the heat. If you can, schedule your move for a day or a time when you can expect cooler temperatures. The best way to beat the heat and to have the best move is to call professional Gold Canyon movers to handle the job for you.

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