The Easiest Cleaning Checklist When Moving Out

Want To Leave Your Apartment Spotless? Check Out This Essential Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

You may be an expert at the art of relocating, but it’s never too late to get organized about leaving your old place in great condition. Whether you’ve been renting or selling, making sure your previous place is left clean and in good repair will be rewarding. 

By leaving the old place as clean as possible, you can get your deposit back, or make a successful sale of the property you were selling! 

Grab your cleaning supplies and take a look at this checklist before starting your move with your Avondale moving company.

Want To Leave Your Apartment Spotless? Check Out This Essential Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

What Cleaning Supplies Do I Need?

You may be ready to roll up your sleeves and start the hard work. But, before that, you have to make sure you have the right tools. You will likely have some of these supplies at home but read carefully in case you have to buy others:

  • Pliers, screwdrivers, or hammers to remove nails and screws.
  • A safe glass cleaner
  • Sandpaper, putty knife, and spackling paste
  • A duster, mop, and a bucket
  • A dustpan and a broom (the broom is essential!)
  • Trash bags to carry waste
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Sponges, rags, and dish soap
  • Light bulbs and batteries
  • Floor cleaners
  • Cleaning gloves to protect your hands!

How To Clean The Place

Once you pack the majority of your items, pay attention to the following areas of the houses to do a proper cleaning:

Cleaning The Floors

  • Sweep the floor surfaces with a broom to remove all debris.
  • Mop with the right cleaners to remove grime and dirt from hardwood or tiles.
  • Use special cleaners to remove stains from rugs and carpets.
  • Repair damage to tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors if required.
  • Vacuum the carpets as a final step.

Before contacting your Ahwatukee moving company, clean the floors first. Remember that your last step should be moving. 

Cleaning The Windows

Since windows are more delicate than floors, there are some special steps to consider while cleaning them:

  • First, wipe down the frame, sill, tracks, and blinds to remove dirt.
  • With a glass cleaner, wipe down the window panes. Do this step cautiously to avoid leaving fingerprints. 
  • Repair broken components of the window, including curtains and blinds.

Cleaning Walls & Doors

Walls and doors are usually easier than windows, but also more time-consuming. Follow these steps to make an efficient yet simple cleaning:

  • Remove shelves or hooks that were not part of the old place.
  • Remove nails, screws, and other elements in the walls.
  • Fill in any holes in doors or walls. You can always contact a professional if it is a difficult task.
  • Wipe any dust, dirt, or smudge from walls. Stay alert to vents and baseboards as they are usually dirtier than other places in the house.
  • Wipe down doors and frames. 
  • Repair handles, locks and hinges if necessary.
  • Repaint walls if possible or necessary.

If you installed your locks and handles, do not forget to pack them and take them to your new house with your trusted moving company in Cave creek.

Cleaning The Bathroom

The bathroom must reflect how clean the house is, so be sure to follow these tips:

  • Check the bathroom sink to remove clogs and drain in the shower or tub.
  • Sanitize the shower stall, the tub, countertop, sink, and toilet.
  • Wipe down any mirrors with a special glass cleaner.
  • Wipe down shelves and clean out the vanity cabinet. Be careful with the products you use to avoid stains.
  • Sweep and mop the floors. 

Cleaning The Kitchen

If you want to leave the kitchen as new as possible, follow these steps:

  • Remove drawers and shelves from the refrigerator and wash them with warm water and soap.
  • Wipe down the refrigerator (inside and out) to remove food spills and debris.
  • Clean the oven with a special oven cleaner.
  • Clean the removable parts from the stove, like drip pans, oven racks, and drawers.
  • Scrub the exhaust fan if necessary.
  • Wipe down the dishwasher if you have one.
  • Clean out all the cabinets to remove dirt. You can use a multipurpose cleaner with an antibacterial effect to sanitize them.
  • Clear out clogs in the kitchen sink.
  • Wipe out the faucet and sink.
  • Lastly, sweep and mop the floors. 

The Last Thing To Do Before Contacting Gilbert Movers

Many people forget about the items on the patio or balcony, so be sure to clean those areas too (if you have them, of course). Remove furniture and personal items from these areas, and then clean them with the right cleaners. 

You should change light bulbs that have burnt out. Make sure to replace them with new ones.

Do not leave the remaining trash in the old house! Take it out to the dumpster or trash area before moving to the new place. 

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