The Most Protective Packing Materials To Use When Moving

What Are The Best Packing Materials For Fragile Items?

It’s natural to worry about your expensive, valuable, or sentimental possessions getting broken while you’re moving to a new home. Unfortunately, accidents on moving days are common, especially when you’re working with friends, family, and neighbors who aren’t experienced with how to properly lift and move things. If you’re getting ready to move and are concerned about your fragile items, be sure to take two crucial steps to get the job done right: hire a reputable Avondale moving company that has experience and expertise, and use the right protective packing materials.

Working with the right kind of packing materials is essential in making sure that everything gets to your new home without damage. Taking your time and packing things carefully, in advance of your move, is also an important part of protecting your belongings.

If you have a lot of delicate or fragile items or are feeling overwhelmed with the packing process, consider hiring the expert team at your Buckeye moving company to do the packing for you. Professional packing with high-quality materials can help ensure that your valuable possessions are protected and properly packed to reduce the risk of damage on moving days.

Some of the most protective packing materials you should utilize include:

Packing Materials For Fragile Items

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is essential when you’re packing for a move to a new home. The air pockets inside each roll of bubble wrap act as a cushion to protect your valuables while they are in transit, effectively absorbing shock from bumps, potholes, and any other mishaps on the way to your new home. Bubble wrap is one of the best protective materials to use for all of your fragile items; don’t be afraid to use generous amounts to protect your expensive valuables during your move.

Packing Paper

Similar to bubble wrap, packing paper is essential for wrapping your fragile items. Packing paper is better than newspaper because you won’t have to worry about ink transfer, staining, or smears. Most homeowners are glad to know that packing paper is a very cost-effective packing solution and provides an inexpensive way to protect your possessions during your move. Plus, it’s fully recyclable, making it free of waste when you get to your new home and put everything away.

Solid Cardboard Boxes

When you’re moving, you can never have too many cardboard boxes. To acquire plenty of packages, many homeowners will collect old cardboard boxes from friends, neighbors, craigslist, and local stores in an attempt to save money on their move. Although these types of boxes work fine for many items, don’t use them for fragile or valuable items. At least some of these thin, flimsy boxes will likely break during your move, which means that fragile items inside will also be broken. It’s worthwhile to purchase some high-quality, solid, strong cardboard boxes to best protect your most expensive and fragile possessions. Ask your Ahwatukee movers where you can find the best cardboard boxes for your valuables.

Picture Cartons

These thin cardboard boxes are specially designed to fit picture frames, mirrors, artwork, and similar valuables, which can be almost impossible to pack into regular cardboard boxes. Picture cartons will make your move much easier, with less worry about whether your glass and valuables will arrive at your new home free of damage. Keep large, fragile items protected, without the cost of excessive amounts of bubble wrap and tape, when you use picture cartons.

Fragile Packing Tape

Your Avondale affordable moving company will recommend accurate and detailed labels on all of your boxes so that you can easily find everything when you get to your new home. However, you should still use fragile packing tape for boxes that contain items that might be more prone to breaking. This makes it easier for your family, friends, and movers to prevent accidents because they’ll be able to easily see whether a box is more fragile. Although fragile packing tape is an extra expense, it’s worth getting a roll or two to protect your most fragile items.

Are You Ready To Move To a New Home?

Many homeowners worry about getting their fragile and valuable possessions to their new home in good condition, but working with an experienced moving company and using high-quality packing materials can significantly reduce the risk of an accident. A to Z Valleywide Movers specializes in providing professional moving services with an emphasis on taking care of your valuable possessions as though they were our own! We are committed to safely and carefully handling all of your belongings so that everything arrives at your new home in good condition. Whether you need packing and unpacking services, help to move, or need to source some quality packing materials, contact us today to schedule your move and get an estimate on our full range of moving services!



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